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The Gluteus Maximus, a.k.a. the butt, is the largest and most powerful muscle in the body. For some it’s pretty prominent, we’re looked at you Kim Kardashian. For others it’s practically non-existent. Located at the back of the hip, the … Read More..


How Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro weight vest improves speed and enhances explosiveness on the field. Voted Best Weight Vest by Men’s Health magazine. Weight vest speed training is a key part of making athletes faster. It is undeniable that speed … Read More..

Julie Foucher in her weight vest with a SandBell

Hyperwear ambassador, Julie Foucher, is not your average athlete. A 4x CrossFit Games competitor, who placed 2nd in 2012 and 3rd in the 2014, is also a full­time medical student at Cleveland Clinic. Read More..

Cody training with the SteelBell

SteelBell® is the best tool for obstacle course racing and training. The flexibility can’t be topped and it’s unique design is easier on joints and bones than the other options available on the market. Train better, do better with SteelBell®! Read More..

Hyperwear SandBell Slam

The SandBell Slam. This highly effective movement works just about everything, from your fingertips to your toes. It challenges many different elements of overall fitness; from strength and power to endurance and grip strength. Read More..

Hyperwear SandBells

Do you want to make the most out of your workout? We’ve identified the top mistakes made by rookies and pros alike – and the best solutions to make sure your workout produces the results your looking for while avoiding needless injuries! Read More..

Biggest Body Fat Myths

May 19, 2015
Ava plank front with vest

The world of fitness is rife with myths, old wives tales, falsehoods and misguided information. No topic is more misunderstood than the subject of body fat. Here are some of the biggest body fat misconceptions! Read More..

Hyperwear SandBell Slam group shot

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about how long you need to spend working out to get results. What is the optimal workout time and how long is too long?

When it comes to strength (weight) training there is a good amount of research that shows working out for more than 45-60 minutes may actually be detrimental and counterproductive. There are a few different factors that may contribute to this. Read More..

Sweating Your Ass Off

Apr 27, 2015
Ava in Hyper Vest PRO

We have all heard (or said) some version of this at one point. And we all know that sweating your ass off is the best way to lose weight, right? We understand that sweating burns calories. We sweat, we burn calories, we lose weight. Read More..

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