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Nothing worth having comes easy, especially reaching your top fitness goals. The journey to reaching fitness goals may seem like a long one, but with a little bit of motivation and a positive mindset it can be done! Here are 5 … Read More..

Miami in January, heck yeah we’ll have some of that!! The Hyperwear team is heading to the 5th annual Wodapalooza® Fitness Festival being held at Bayfront Park, Miami from January 12th to 15th. The WZA Fitness Festival is an annual … Read More..

Training in a weight vest has recently become much more popular, especially since the meteoric rise of CrossFit, which utilizes weight vests in a number of it’s WOD’s. These days there are tons of different styles of weight vest on … Read More..

SandBell Front Squat This compound, multi-joint exercise targets all the muscles of the legs as well as the shoulders and core. It is relatively easy to master and is a great exercise for teaching proper squat technique. The Front Squat … Read More..

Grip strength is generally defined as the ability to exert pressure with the hand and/or fingers. It is a vital part of everyday life that most take for granted. Think about how much trouble you would be in if you … Read More..

First 40 to give $40 get a free 40# SANDBELL Matty Gregg has completed over 40 Tough Mudders, several Spartan races and is a 4x World’s Toughest Mudder and BFX24 veteran. However, he doesn’t do it for the medal or … Read More..

Mastering MURPH

May 27, 2016

Memorial Day is just a few days away and while most ordinary Americans will be relaxing at barbecues, eating hot dogs and enjoying a lazy day off, many in the CrossFit community will spend it in the gym, in pain! … Read More..

Hyperwear recently spoke with Elite Obstacle Course Race competitor & trainer and Hyperwear Ambassador, Yancy Culp, about the future of OCR and what it takes to win the OCR World Championship. Q: How did you get started in OCR? Yancy Culp: … Read More..

Olympic Hopeful Andrea Duke in Hyper Vest PRO weight vest

Meet Hyperwear Athlete and 2016 RIO U.S. Olympic hopeful Andrea Duke. Andrea competes on Saturday February 13th, 2016 for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Team in Los Angeles, CA. Andrea lives with her two children in San Antonio, TX and recently sat … Read More..

SandBell Slam

Get the most out of your new SandBell by trying a few of our favorite exercises. Sure, you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ve been using free weights for years. You know how to get the most of your workout, but do … Read More..

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