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Hyperwear SandBell and Weight Vest training videos



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Voted Best Weight Vest by Men’s Health magazine. Weight vest speed training is a key part of making athletes faster. It is undeniable that speed is extremely important in sports. It can be the difference in scoring the game winning touchdown, getting to a rebound, or determining whether you win a 50/50 ball in soccer. Regardless of the sport, speed is a vital component to achieving success on the field/court, and as the saying goes "speed kills."...Read More


  • The SandBell design allows many of the exercises [done] with a barbell or dumbbell, but also ... what other traditional pieces of equipment cannot—be thrown in any direction imaginable. This allows you to take the traditional lifting patterns (cleans, squats, presses, etc.) and add vectors never before possible."

    - Todd Wright

    University of Texas Basketball Strength and Condit 

  • A colleague of mine turned me on to www.HyperWear.com a few months ago and I immediately gravitated towards theirHyperVests and Sandbells. And I love using them! Why wouldn’t I want to share that? If people like my stuff, I hope they share it with others!

    - Alan Stein

    Sports Performance Expert 

  • The Hyper Vest PRO weight vest just works best. Overloading real movement in practice results in gains in speed and power output when it counts.”

    - Kevin Yoxall

    Auburn University Head Strength Conditioning Coach 

  • We do just about everything with SandBells. We do farmer’s walks rotational twists or throws. We’ll do chest passes, which is the same as the basketball chest pass. Overhead throws, where you have the weight extended overhead and you take a step forward, squeeze through the abs, and then torque your upper body and throw. But probably our best move is the slam. It’s something I don’t think a lot of people are doing.”

    - Jeff “Mad Dog” Madden

    University of Texas Head Strength and Conditioning 

  • I have never seen or used a weight vest like the Hyper Vest PRO. It stays tight, comfortable and cool on my body enabling me to increase my bodyweight while training. It makes adding resistance to my workouts effortless and I would recommend it to any track and field athlete who is looking to take the next step.

    - Trey Hardee

    US Olympic Silver Medalist in Decathlon 

  • I cannot hype Hyperwear enough, hehe. Hand on my heart – their products are amazing! The Hyperwear weigted vest is so comfortable and it even looks good!! I would say Sexy! For a Body Weight workout that needs a GOOD BOOST this is an amazing tool! It’s truly made for the new and improved Warrior Woman!

    - Tanja Djelevic

    Loud Fitness 

  • April Luu, Spartan Racer, "I can’t say enough about Hyperwear products like the Hyper Vest weighted vests, SandBell and SteelBell and how great they have been for my training. The Hyper Vest SXY weight vest is my favorite piece of equipment. For a weighted vest it is so light-weight, durable, and breathable. I wear the SXY weight vest almost every time I train and have found no other like it. I also train with the SandBell workout sandbag and have incorporated them into my group classes and my personal training clients."

    - April Luu, Spartan Racer


  • "Hyperwear® is truly legit! We use the sandbell and steelbell as well as the hyper vest pro at mikes gym! The sandbell/steelbell is used for us as a slam method...strengthening the explosiveness of the athlete as well as grip strength. So many exercises can be made "more evil" by using the sand bell. The hper vest pro we use in the obvious manner but what is not so obvious is that i put athletes in the pool making them tred water while wearing the hyper vest. In addition we then have them holding a 5 kg floatable plate overhead while wearing the hyper vest and treading water.”

    - Mike Bergener

    Mikes Gym 

  • I've been wearing my vest [Hyper Vest weight vest] every day since I bought it during cardio and training workouts. I've already slimmed down 14 pounds!!! The clean eating is helping too, but wow! That vest is making the difference...It's a killer during my 35 min HIIT! Ugh! Loving it!!!!

    - Kami [Hyper Vest Buyer]


  • I'm a huge fan and proponent of your products. IMO the best new fitness product(s) since TRX. If you ever need a reference in the chicago area I am more than happy to help.

    - Bruce Metcalf

    MBC Fitness 

  • Just wanted to share with you all that I just recently got Sandbells here at my facility, FINALLY, and my staff are as in love with them as I am. One of my staff actually said "Ashley, go tell your bosses to let you buy stuff more often - these are awesome!" They are literally my go-to product as there is so much you can do with them!

    - Ashley Varol

    M. Ed. CPT ACE BOSU Master Trainer 

  • The Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO weight vest is an integral part of my training.

    - Julie Foucher

    CrossFit Games Athlete