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SandBell Training with Bill Sonnemaker

SandBell Training Moves

If you haven’t caught on already, Hyperwear is committed to providing you constant and continuous content on SandBell training! Recently, we’ve been fortunate to get some great video clips from Bill Sonnemaker of Catalyst Fitness that demonstrate some awesome SandBell training moves.

In Bill’s first video, SandBell Agility Training, one of his clients demonstrates how the SandBell can be used for high-intensity agility partner work. Traditionally, a medicine ball would be used for this kind of exercise, but swapping the medicine ball for a SandBell works the body further by activating grip strength and forearm muscles, as well as core stabilizers.

Using the SandBell during high-intensity exercises is  great because you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or others if you drop the SandBell. Accidents happen during workouts, but the consequences don’t have to be made worse by bodily injury.

The high-intensity exercise demonstrated in the video, is an outstanding example of how combining cardio-challenging agility with weight training can increase the intensity of any workout. Think about it, going through the motions of your regular weight-training workout is difficult on its own. But, adding in a cardio/agility component is what really works your body and tires you out.

Most of us are not in super-endurance-marathon-athlete shape. So including cardio and/or agility into our workouts results in a real increases in stamina and strength requirements in order to complete the exercise.

Moving on to a different SandBell exercise, Bill’s second video, “SandBell Training: Rainbow Slams,” captures a move that is a personal favorite of mine 🙂

While Rainbow Slams aren’t technically a “cardio challenging” exercise, once you start reppin’ out slams I guarantee your heart will really start pumpin’. Rainbow slams work about every muscle group in your body—grip, forearm, shoulder, core, stabilizers, and lower-body, etc.

If you haven’t tried Rainbow Slams yet, check out the video to see exactly how a Rainbow Slam is done. Whipping the SandBell from the ground, over head and then slamming it back down activates multiple muscle groups at the same time, making this exercise much more challenging.

Now enough reading, time for watching. View the videos, grab your SandBell (and a friend), and try out these exercises for yourself!


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