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Top 5 Weighted Vest Body Weight Exercises

Ask any personal trainer what the best body weight exercise is, and you’ll get a response. Probably a different response than the next personal trainer you ask. Keep asking around, and you’ll get a long list of “best” body weight exercises. Put them together, and you will have a compilation of pretty good exercises with no equipment required! (Maybe better than “pretty good,” depending on the credentials of the personal trainers you sampled).

Posted by Hypertraining, November 18, 2014

Sports Performance Training: Weighted Vests and SandBells

The strength and conditioning, sports and performance industries has been transforming to a paradigm shift. This shift is blending traditional lifting and power techniques with movement variability to load the body systems in a 360 degree environment. I know one of the training tools added to arsenals is the SandBells and the Hyper Vest Pro Best Weight Vest by Hyperwear! In addition to the usual weight training equipment, many types of tools are being used in the program, such as medballs, dumbbells, ViPR, but SandBells add a different dimension than the others.

Posted by Hypertraining, November 12, 2014