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Top Tips for Exercising in the Heat

Winter is behind us and Summer is just around the corner. The days are longer, the temps are rising and people are spending more time outside. There’s nothing better than going for a run, a hike or a bike ride on a nice sunny day. But before you head outside into the sun for that workout, here are a few things to consider to stay safe while exercising in the heat.

Posted by Hypertraining, March 23, 2015

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Boot Camps are a great way for personal trainers to maximize their income while providing participants with a physical challenge, camaraderie, and most importantly results. While working out in a gym gives trainers easy access to a plethora of equipment, training in a big open field, well that’s another story. While it might be a liberating experience to workout without the constraints of four walls, practical equipment options thus far have been limited.

Posted by Hypertraining, March 11, 2015