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Weight Vest Training: Top 5 Tips

Weight vest training is on the rise. The concept is simple: increasing your body weight 10-15% will help you reach whatever goals you’ve set for yourself quicker. Weight vest training gives you the ability to see increases in strength, performance, and endurance as well as burn more calories and that is just the beginning of the list. There are many ways to incorporate a weighted vest into your workouts.

Posted by Hypertraining, October 22, 2014

iWatch: Top 5 Fitness Tips

A lot of excitement was unleashed last month when Tim Cook took the stage to show off the new Apple Watch: what everyone had been calling the iWatch during the secrecy leading up to the product announcement. Hints of what Apple was planning had been seen in the health and fitness community with some of the key hires made by Apple for the iWatch in recent months. Significant among them was the addition of Jay Blahnik, a widely respected fitness pro, to the Apple team.

Posted by Hypertraining, October 13, 2014