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SandBell Training for Explosive Power

SandBell Training for Explosive Power

The SandBell is one of the most dynamic tools an athlete can have in their training arsenal. SandBell training seamlessly replaces medicine balls and dumbbells, challenges stabilization muscles, and kicks your powerhouse into overdrive by challenging your muscles like never before.

When in motion, the shifting sand inside the bell keeps your body guessing because the concentration of moving sand inside the SandBell is never consistent and will cause your muscles to react differently each time you catch or handle it. The SandBells unique properties—circular shape, soft, stretchy fabric, and sand-filled core—make it an incredibly safe tool that can be used by all ages and athletic abilities, and can meet nearly all sport-specific training needs.

One key area the SandBell training can be used to train for is explosive power. Explosive power is generated from the hip and trunk extensors, which are body parts often overlooked and essential for improving athletic ability. The importance of improving your explosive power can be seen in how easily you can or cannot perform various functional movements, such as picking up groceries from the ground (squatting), vertical jumps (basketball), horizontal jumps (long jump), sprinting (track and soccer), swinging a bat (baseball), and kicking (mixed martial arts).

Having explosive power also plays a vital role how successful athletes are in extreme action sports like those in the X-Games and winter Olympics. Imagine Shaun White trying to perform his frontside double cork 1080 without having explosive power. It would be nearly impossible.

We recognize that athletes are diverse in their training needs and abilities and so, we’ve identified five SandBell training exercises that will help improve explosive power no matter what sport you’re training for.

SandBell Exercises for Explosive Power

SandBell Swings with Resistance Band


Traditional SandBell swings help increase power in the hips—adding a resistance band cranks this exercise up a notch.

1. Grip into the SandBell with both hands while simultaneously holding onto the resistance band. With both feet, step on the slack of the resistance band making sure to keep your feet hip-width distance apart.

2. Swing the SandBell by hinging slightly at the hips and accelerating the SandBell downward between your legs.

3. Then fire your hips forward to accelerate the SandBell upward as high as you can, given the resistance of the band working against you.

This exercise also works your grip strength. The resistance band allows you to use a lighter weight SandBell and still challenge your muscles as if you were using a heavier weight.

SandBell Slam

1. Start by standing in an athletic stance, hinge slightly at the hips and place the SandBell on the floor directly in front of you. Squat and pick up the SandBell with both hands.

2. Explosively stand up, driving the SandBell up overhead.

3. Then slam the SandBell down onto the ground.

Repeat 1-3 until exhausted.

Jumping Lunge with SandBell Swing

1. Start in a lunge position with your right leg in front. Make sure your knee is not aligned over your toes.  Hold the SandBell in both hands.

2. Spring up.

3. Simultaneously slam the SandBell down by your left side. When you’re in the lunge position, sit deeper in the lunge to pick up the SandBell and then repeat the exercise.

Do 10 jumping lunges with the right leg in front, and then 10 with the left leg in front.

Seated Box Jump with Weighted Vest

1. Wearing your Hyper Vest PRO weight vest, start seated on a box or chair with your thighs parallel to the ground.

2-4. Stand up forcefully, jumping up onto a box, bench, or stable surface that will support your weight with the vest.

This exercise helps develop explosive movement, so be sure to reach complete extension (4.) once land atop the box or bench.

One Arm Snatch

1. Start with the SandBell on the ground in front of you. Your body should be slightly hinged at the hips with your weight back on your heels. In one explosive movement, squat to pick up the SandBell.

2. Then drive the SandBell directly overhead — fully extending your arm. Be sure to keep the SandBell close to your body as it travels up from the ground to overhead. Finish with your hips open, arms extended and shoulder engaged.