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SandBell Group Exercise and Partner Relay

March 15th, 2012

Welcome back to Thursday’s P.E. Drill Thrill! This week we’re bringing you a SandBell group exercise and partner relay!

Today’s SandBell group exercise includes a video showing how the exercise is done. To complete the exercise, each child needs one SandBell. Kids should form in a big circle and be at least arms-width apart from each other. (See our SandBell Training Poster)

Group Exercise

Directions: Timed exercise—20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest between each move. Complete four rounds allowing a 1-minute break between each round. If possible, play music while exercising!

1)    Toe touches—Alternate feet back and forth touching the top of the SandBell

2)    SandBell squat jumps—Normal squat jump where both feet meet in the middle, tap the SandBell, and then jump back out

3)    Plank jumps—Get in plank position, place both hands on top of the SandBell, and then jump legs apart and together

4)    Crazy jacks—Alternate feet back and forth touching the top of the SandBell and swing arms up and down simultaneously

Watch the SandBell Group Exercise video.

Partner Relay

Have kids partner up and give each pair one SandBell. Arrange partner pairs into at least 2 lines, depending on how many kids are in the group. Use a cone, or some other object, to mark areas for four stations; stations should be 15-20 feet apart. Partners should stay at their station until the pair behind them tags them to move to the next station.

Station #1: Partner bear crawl with SandBell-back and forth twice

Station #2: Partner chest pass in squat position

Station #3: Overhead seated SandBell sit-ups—Students get in sit-up position, one student starts with SandBell and then both students sit-up at the same time and Partner #1 throws the SandBell to Partner #2

Station #4: Two slams and a burpee—Partner #1 does two slams while Partner #2 does a burpee and then they switch

Give these two fun activities a try and leave a comment below to let us know what you and your students think!


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