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weighted compression vest

Weighted Compression Vest Top 10 Advantages

Weighted Compression Shirts and Vests

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Combining weights with fabrics for weighted compression is an innovation that was a break through in weight vests. Designed based on a utility patent for holding weights tight to the body during any exercise while still allowing the chest to expand for breathing, Hyperwear’s Hyper Vest PRO originated the weighted compression gear category. While weighted compression shirts have hit the market, there are many reasons why a weighted compression vest is a much better solution.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons the Hyper Vest weight vest is the best weight vest:

  • Hyperwear’s weighted compression vest comes already loaded with 10 lbs but is FULLY ADJUSTABLE so you can start with a smaller load and gradually increase weighted resistance. Just as you would not start lifting dumbbells that are too heavy and would not always use that same weight without progressing, you should not train with a weighted shirt that is limited to eight pounds and cannot be adjusted.
  • Pockets in the Hyper Vest PRO can hold up to two of the quality solid steel zinc plated weights. You can purchase and add additional weight when desired for higher loads. The maximum weight capacity varies by size of the vest. Certified strength and conditioning coaches recommend no more than 10-15% of your bodyweight as the maximum weight for a weight vest.
  • Safer and more effective patented design keeps the weights tight to your core during movement but allows you to breath comfortably. You can quickly get overheated using a weighted shirt by the need to wear a second layer: pulling a compression shirt over the weight loaded base layer. Weighted apparel does not have to be difficult to put on and take off or make you overheat.
  • The Hyper Vest PRO’s open sides with lacing make it very cool and comfortable to wear. The majority of your body heat dissipates from under your arms. Covering the least amount of your body with weighted apparel is far more comfortable allowing you to increase your weighted training time.
  • By using zinc plated solid steel weights, the densest weights of any weighted apparel, and designing the weight vest with many tiny weights, the Hyper Vest PRO is the thinnest weighted vest made. All weights are around your torso and none are on the shoulders. Unlike weighted shirts with weights on top of the shoulder, and protruding from your chest like costume, you really can wear the Hyper Vest PRO under your shirt without anyone knowing. Many wear their Hyper Vest weight vest for weight loss burning extra calories all day.
  • A zippered weighted compression vest like the Hyper Vest PRO quickly zips on and off making it the easiest to get on and off. When training you can put it on and take it off for alternating sets of exercises: great high intensity training with a weight vest. No such option with a weighted compression shirt which is so difficult to get on and off you should have helpers.
  • Washing your weighted shirt can be a hassle requiring removal of weights and you have a shirt and base layer to clean. The Hyper Vest PRO is easy to hand wash in a sink without the need to remove the weights. Just wring it out in a towel and hang to dry.
  • The Hyper Vest PRO patented fabric is 80% tyvek which does not absorb any moisture at all. The weave is breathable making it better wicking, cooler and more odor free than a weighted compression shirt system.
  • Gel weights used in weighted apparel can absorb your sweat and have no way to be cleaned and de-odorized. The zinc coated steel weights in the Hyper Vest PRO will not absorb any sweat and cannot stink.
  • With a flexible sizing design, the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest has a better fit. The side cords make it more likely you will not make a mistake by purchasing the wrong size, and it will grow or shrink with you as your body changes over time.

And the bonus advantage: a weighted compression vest uses less material and costs less. It is perfect to add to your outdoor training bootcamp and is a must for your how to train for a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or Warrior Dash.

Pick up your Hyper Vest here.

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