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SandRope Battle Rope Review

SandRope Battle Rope Review

By William Magley, Owner Nature’s Fitness

As outdoor trainers, we at Nature’s Fitness are in constant search of products that can help our clients maximize their efforts in a minimal time frame. We are pleased to announce our support and endorse an new battle rope alternative product, the Hyperwear SandRope.

The SandRope was first released in late 2013 and we quickly placed our order. The shipment arrived in a timely manner and was ready for use right out of the box. With our emphasis being on full body “functional” training, the expectation was that this rope was going to really help take rope undulation training to the next level, and it did.

Our clients at first found the rope and the sand shifting to be difficult and even “unruly” as stated by a long standing client. But the results that our clients saw and felt during the initial weeks of using the ropes made them a “hit” and preferred over other ropes that promised the same results.

Lifts, pulls, slaps, shakes and carries done with these ropes demonstrate a versatility that other ropes just don’t have! It can be used with a partner or by yourself, anchored or free standing and with the durable casing, it can be used on a variety of surfaces while showing minimal wear.

If room size is an issue, this rope is for you too, since it will create the same physical training effects on the body that ropes twice the size, requiring twice the room do. We use them on the beaches of Lake Michigan, in our state parks and even at their residences, due to their portability of the rope.

It is great packing a ten-foot rope into the back of my vehicle versus the 50-foot ropes we used to use on a regular basis. Based on our experience with the Hyperwear SandBells and now SandRopes, we fully endorse the use of these products without reservation. Feel free to see these products utilized by our clients at or follow us on Facebook at Nature’s Fitness. Sincerely, Wiliam Magley Owner/Operator Nature’s Fitness , LLC

Learn more about Hyperwear battle rope exercises here.

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