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SandBell Cardio Activities for K-5 Physical Education

February 4th, 2013

Physical Education Exercise SandBell Games

The best way to get kids active is by making the activity fun! Give kids something to be excited about next time they walk into your K-12 Physical Education class by trying out these physical education exercise SandBell games that combine teamwork, fun tools and lots of activity!

physical education exercises sandbell

Click to watch the games in the video!

SandBell Games in the Video

SandBell Hoop Toss

Set-Up: To complete this game you’ll need 1 SandBell (4 lbs. or heavier), and 1 hula-hoop for every 4 kids. Break students up into groups of 4 and space each group at least 10 ft. away from each other. Give each group a SandBell and hula-hoop. Designate 2 students as the hula-hoop holders, 1 student as the SandBell thrower and one student as the catcher.

Game: Tell each group of students to stand in a square, place the hula-hoop in the center of the square and each student should take 2 steps back from the hula-hoop. The hula-hop holders should be facing each other, and the SandBell thrower and catcher should also face one another. The hula-hoop holders roll the hula-hoop on the floor from one student to the other, while the SandBell thrower tries to throw the SandBell through the hoop to the catcher. The catcher then throws the SandBell back through the hoop to the thrower. Students can be standing, or on their knees during the game. After several minutes tell the SandBell catcher and thrower to switch positions with the hula-hoop holders.

Toss & Slam

Set-Up: Break students up into groups of 3 or more and give each group 1 SandBell (4 lbs. or heavier). Students should stand in a circle and be 3-4 ft. away from the person standing next to them.

Game: One student starts with the SandBell and tosses it to the person next to them. The person that catches the SandBell must do a SandBell Slam before tossing it to the next person. Kids can toss the SandBell in a clockwise direction, or make the game more challenging by tossing the SandBell randomly from person to person.

Super SandBell Tag

Set-Up: This game is ideal for larger groups of 7 or more. The number of students in each group is designated by the amount of SandBells and equipment available. If enough equipment is available then the entire P.E. class can be one group. For explanation purposes, we will assume that you’re breaking students up into groups of 7. In each group there must be 1 “Tagger”, 2 “Heroes” and 4 students holding SandBells. The “Tagger” needs to have a noodle, or some other similar equipment, and the “Heroes” need a rubber chicken, or some other small piece of equipment.

Game: When the game begins the Tagger runs around and tries to tag another student that’s holding a SandBell (Heroes cannot be tagged). When a student with a SandBell is tagged they must stop and do 2 SandBell Slams before they can start running again. If a Hero sees a student doing SandBell Slams they should run up to them and ask, “Do you need help?”, the slamming student will then say, “My hero!”, and they do not have to finish doing their 2 SandBell Slams. Essentially, the Hero can “save” students that have been tagged from having to do their SandBell Slams. After the game has been played for several minutes, stop the game and have students switch positions.

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