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Introducing the SoftBell™ 3-in-1 Training System

March 14th, 2017

Hyperwear is challenging convention once again, this time bringing together our dynamic fitness philosophy and unique brand of innovation with the launch of the SoftBell™ 3-in-1 training system.

The SoftBell consists of two soft neoprene weight plates that can be attached to an adjustable, easy-grip reinforced plastic handle creating an adjustable dumbbell.

If you remove one weight plate from the handle, leaving the other side attached you now have a club or kettlebell style weight. The plates can also be used without the handle just like SandBells.

This transforms the traditional static dumbbell into a dynamic 3-in-1 training system.

SoftBell 3-in-1 Training System

SoftBell 3-in-1 Training System

There are six weight plate sizes; 1.5, 3 & 4.5 lbs plates are sand filled and 6, 7.5 & 10 lbs plates are steel shot filled. When attached to the handle these make complete SoftBell’s that range in weights from 3 to 20 lbs.

The weight plates are made from the same extremely durable neoprene as our SandBells and constructed with the same high quality.

Complete SoftBell, Plates & Handle

Complete SoftBell, Plates & Handle

The design of the SoftBell also helps reduce the risk of injury and damage to health club floors and reduces noise and vibrations from dropping weights.

Traditional metal weights like dumbbells and kettlebells can not only cause serious injury to an individual if dropped on a body part but can also inflict damage to your workout surface whether it’s the nice gym hardwood studio floor, your living room carpet or a nicely manicured lawn.

The SoftBell is safe and noiseless; it can be dropped, tossed or thrown without disturbing anyone or causing damage to yourself or the environment you are training in.

SoftBell Offers Huge Exercise Variety

SoftBell Offers Huge Exercise Variety

Since the SoftBell can be used as a dumbbell when two plates are attached, as club or kettlebell when one plate is attached and as just the weight plates alone, it makes it an extremely versatile resistance training system that accommodate a wide variety of exercises & workout styles.

The SoftBell also breaks down for easy transport from the gym to home to the park or wherever you train. It also reduces the need for multiple sets of weights which drastically cuts down on storage space requirements.

The 3-in-1 system allows you to perform an infinite selection exercises with varying weight requirements, as well as quickly transition from a heavy to light weight without the need for multiple sets of dumbbells, kettlebells or other weights.

Along with the SoftBell equipment, we are also excited to launch SoftBell HyperHIIT; a group fitness program that uses the SoftBell in a four-part total body interval workout.

The structure of HyperHIIT demonstrates the full range of the SoftBell, with participants using it as a dumbbell, kettlebell, club and individual lighter soft plates.

We are excited to again spearhead the evolution of dynamic functional fitness equipment and group exercise and to help clubs deliver a better experience for their members and trainers.

Hyperwear’s mission is to partner in our customers’ success by driving revenue growth with innovation, and the SoftBell adjustable dumbbell and group exercise program are designed to do just that.


Declan Condron

Hyperwear Director of Education

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