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Hyperwear Granted Patents for Brown Fat Cooling Vest

New Brown Fat Cooling Vest Product Planned to Bring Health Benefits to Consumers

Hyperwear, developer of brown fat cooling vest technology, is proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark office has issued a second utility patent covering a device to stimulate non-shivering thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue (also known as “brown fat” or “good fat”). This proprietary technology involves use of a cooling vest worn by an individual to trigger a metabolic response in brown adipose tissue.

Research has shown that mild cold temperature exposure can increase the size and activity of brown fat in humans by triggering non-shivering thermogenesis. Colder temperature exposure that triggers shivering not only can be extremely uncomfortable, but is also ineffective in creating the physiological response that stimulates brown adipose tissue. Brown fat, long thought to be absent or dormant in adult humans, converts available glucose to caloric heat to maintain body temperature in cold environmental conditions. Because brown fat burns significant calories from glucose, studies have focused on mild cold stimulation of brown fat to target weight loss, obesity and diabetes.

Said Hyperwear President and co-founder Dirk Buikema: “It is exciting to be able to bring to market an effective new tool to help consumers lose and maintain weight that will not involve drugs, surgery or ingesting supplements. As part of an overall Hyperwear program of exercise and proper nutrition, wearing a cooling vest to stimulate brown fat gives people new hope to achieve lasting good health without the ineffective and painful cold of an ice vest, ice baths, and cold showers.”

Hyperwear now holds two patents and is engaging with product and research partners to expand on the technology and its benefits for weight loss and health. Other Hyperwear products, such as the patented SandBell® sand filled neoprene weights, have been used in exercise programs targeting weight loss.

About us: Hyper Wear Inc. was founded to bring innovative products to market in the areas of fitness, health and wellness. Its innovative products include the Hyper Vest® PRO weight vest, SandBell® sandbag free weights, SteelBell® steel shot filled weights, SandRope® battle ropes, and Fit RUCK™ for sandbag training. Men’s Health Magazine described the Hyper Vest as “the best” weight vest, and the non-profit American Council on Exercise (ACE) awarded the Hyper Vest weighted vest its highest five-star rating in an independent review. Hyperwear’s products have also been seen in Women’s Health Magazine, Prevention Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Shape, the Dr. Oz Show, Weight Watcher’s Magazine, Extreme Weight Loss and the Biggest Loser.

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