Hyper Vest® COOL + Team Operation Progress = Success!

Since it is getting so hot here in Texas, I figure that it is a great time to focus on the Hyper Vest COOL.

We provided Hyper Vest COOL products to “Team Operation Progress”.  This team is cycling all the way across America in 9 days from LA to Annapolis Maryland.  Kristina Rippati, an LAPD officer shot and paralyzed in the line of duty and subject of an episode of Extreme Home Makeover on ABC a year ago, is part of the team. She cannot generate sweat to cool her body so this was a great opportunity for us to help.

Follow their progress at www.raceacrossamerica.org
Or blog: http://teamoperationprogress.wordpress.com/
Or get their tweets: @RAAMTeamOP2010

Cheer for them in your hearts and pray for their health… this is an incredibly grueling event (non-stop with one team member getting a 2 hour break every 24 hours) and they are riding to raise money for Operation Progress – a program to help at risk youth avoid gangs.

If you would like to give I am sure they would welcome it. www.operationprogress.org

This week’s video is an oldie but goodie.  Watch me grind it out in a maniac obstacle course in 101 degree heat.  They let me wear the Hyper Vest COOL for the second run through — and that made all the difference.  For Pre-Cooling, Cooling while Training, and Recovery Cooling = the Hyper Vest COOL is perfect for you.


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