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Fight the Fat and Stick to Your Resolutions

January 14th, 2013

It’s one month into the New Year, how are YOU doing with those resolutions? If you’ve found yourself wavering in your commitments, fear not. We’re providing you with the best weight loss tips and SandBell exercises that will help make 2015 your most fit and fabulous year yet. says that only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions, and the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. But don’t let that deter you, it’s also found that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those that don’t.

If your resolution involves weight loss, let it be known that weight loss requires not only working out, but also eating well. You can workout 2-hours a day, but if you stuff your face with too many sweets, carbs, and fat then the only thing that will decrease is your motivation to hit the gym.

To hit your goals and maintain your weight loss resolutions, we’ve compiled our top 3 tips for fighting the fat and sticking to your resolutions!

Make Fitness Fun

You’re not going to do something you don’t enjoy, at least not for the long run. So why make yourself run on the treadmill, climb the stair stepper or do push-ups if you hate doing them? There are SO many exercise options out there, you just have to try out different activities until you find what’s fun and motivating for you.

This is where the SandBell and Hyper Vest PRO or Hyper Vest FIT/SXY weight vest come in. Wear a Hyperwear weight vest during any activity and you’ll burn more calories and expend more energy than you would without the vest. This means that by just adding on a weight vest, even while your at work or running errands, you will automatically burn even more calories! The great thing about the Hyperwear vests in particular is they’re slim, fit like compression shirts, and the weight load is adjustable up to 46 lbs. (in an XL PRO vest). Find out which Hyperwear vest is right for you in this weight vest comparison blog!

If burning more calories while you’re working out, running errands or playing your favorite sport isn’t motivation to get up and get moving, then I’m not sure what is.

Hyper Vest SXY and 8 lb. SandBell

Wearing a weight vest has more benefits than just weight loss. Weight vest users will also improve their bone density, which is especially important for people suffering from osteoporosis, improve overall strength, and for those that find running fun, weight vest training will help to increase your speed.

For those that enjoying exercising with a group or partner, then the SandBell is perfect for you. Group fitness classes are incredibly popular because they turn working out into a party. Add a SandBell into games or partner exercises and you’ll find yourself smiling, sweating and actually enjoying yourself.

Have a SandBell Slam-Off with a friend or try out SandBell partner exercises and games. Regardless of what you do with the SandBell, you’ll be strengthening your body, having fun and breaking a sweat.

What’s more, Weight Watchers magazine calls the SandBell a “strengthening multitasker…[that] can be lifted like a dumbbell, tossed like a medicine ball or swung like a kettlebell.” If you enjoy any of those tools, then you’ll love the SandBell. The SandBell is safe to use and doesn’t hurt when dropped, so you can try out any type of exercise to find the ones you like and not worry about getting injured during practice.

Moderation is Key

No long-term weight loss plan will work if it involves depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy. That being said, at each meal fill your plate with an appropriate amount of vegetables, fruits, healthy grains and protein.

Reserve treats and cheat meals to once a week, or allow yourself one small treat a day. Real, long term weight loss occurs when you commit to a lifestyle change. Fad diets, liquid cleanses, and other “get skinny quick” diets aren’t going to keep you healthy and lean for the long run. Big shocker there, right? Eat less carbs, more greens and spend more time thinking about what you’re putting into your mouth and a year from now you’ll be happily in your size “X” jeans, sipping a skinny late and actually looking forward to summer, shorts and sleeveless shirts!

See below for a list of our favorite food swaps to save calories without shorting out on taste.

  1. McDonald’s hot fudge sundae SWAPPED for Skinny Cow Cookies and Cream Sandwich: Make this swap and you’ll save 180 calories, 7 grams of fat and 22 carbs. The best part about all Skinny Cow desserts? They actually taste GREAT.
  2. Skim milk SWAPPED for Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk: With 30 calories per serving, no soy, lactose or gluten and 50% more calcium than dairy milk, this stuff is a win.
  3. Pizza dough SWAPPED for portabella mushroom caps: On average, one serving of pizza dough has 144 calories and 27 carbs. Conversely, a mushroom cap has 22 calories and 4 carbs. Not only are you saving cals and carbs, you’re also taking in as much potassium as a banana, and nutrients like copper, folate and niacin.
  4. Restaurant bread basket SWAPPED for light soup: Next time you’re eating out ask the waiter to hold the bread basket and instead bring you a hot bowl of vegetable, or other broth based soup. According to Penn State research, people who started their lunch with vegetable soup ate 20% less.

Perfect Portions

In the age of super size, Route 44, Big Macs, and 20-count chicken strips, our views on portion sizes have definitely been skewed. The portions you get at most restaurants and fast food chains are vastly more than what is recommended and healthy. In fact, 96% of America’s chain restaurant entrees fall outside the range of the USDA’s recommendations for fat, saturated fat and sodium, according to a RAND corporation analysis.

For your reference, a serving (3 ounces) of chicken, fish or meat should fit in the palm of your hand. One cup of rice, fruit and veggies should be the size of your fist and 1 ounce of peanut butter or hard cheese is the size of your thumb.

Want an easy way to decrease your portion size? Try eating on a smaller plate. Use an 8-9 inch plate and fill it FULL with your healthy meal of choice, compliment your meal with a tall glass of water, sit down, and start eating. Seeing a full plate makes your brain think you’re eating more, when really you’re cutting calories and filling your body with the adequate amount of healthy nutrients that it needs.

Now continue that fight against the fat and make 2013 the year you stick to your resolutions and put your health and fitness first!

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