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SteelBell Free Weight
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The SteelBell is one of the most intense free weights ever created. SteelBells are filled with tiny balls of steel shot making it incredibly lively and challenging like no other free weight you have ever experienced.


  • Patented design works grip, wrist & forearms

  • Shifting steel provides active live weight

  • Extremely durable, high quality design

  • Multiple sizes from 5-200 lbs

  • Safe for all ages, levels and facilities

  • Contact Us for freight pricing on 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 lbs

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Starting At: $29.99

The SteelBell is intense; there is just no other way to describe it. Constructed from extra-thick neoprene with a textured surface for improved grip and filled with steel shot, it packs a serious punch.

Like the SandBell, the SteelBell combining all the best features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls and sandbags into one simple yet powerful weight training tool.

Even thought the SteelBell is twice as dense as the SandBell, it is still extremely safe for all ages and will not damage floor surfaces. The patented disc design and steel shot filling allows for the weight to expand and force to dissipate over the surface area of the bag.

SteelBells are great for all the traditional free weight exercises as well as countless explosive power movements such as slams, tosses and throws. Its versatility makes it ideal for many types of training from general strength and conditioning to endurance based circuit as well as sports performance.

The steel shot inside the SteelBell moves around more than sand, which increases the instability and grip characteristics and makes every movement more intense and engaging.

The SteelBell is the choice of many NFL and other professional & college teams, the military, law enforcement, OCR, boot camp and kettlebell enthusiasts.

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Additional Care

5 lbs UPC 18621400073-6 $29.99
10 lbs UPC 18621400074-3 $49.99
15 lbs UPC 18621400075-0 $69.99
20 lbs UPC 18621400076-7 $89.99
25 lbs UPC 18621400077-4 $109.99
30 lbs UPC 18621400078-1 $129.99
40 lbs UPC 18621400079-8 $159.99
50 lbs UPC 18621400080-4 $189.99
75 lbs UPC 18621400081-1 $249.99
100 lbs UPC 18621400082-8 $329.99
125 lbs UPC 18621400083-5 $409.99
150 lbs UPC 18621400084-2 $489.99
175 lbs UPC 18621400085-9 $569.99
200 lbs UPC 18621400086-6 $649.99

The patented, innovative disc design and filling allows for the weight to expand and force to dissipate over the surface area of the bag. This makes the SteelBell extremely safe for all surfaces including hardwood studio and gym flooring. We do not recommend using a SteelBell on hard, abrasive surfaces like concrete or asphalt as these can rapidly increase the wear and tear.

Wipe down and clean your SteelBell using a damp cloth. Spraying with an odor-eliminating product like Febreze® or OdoBan will help to handle any odors and keep your SteelBell smelling clean and fresh.

SteelBell Storage Cart available:

  • Portable, 4-wheeled storage cart
  • Wire cage construction on metal platform
  • Attached lid for added security
  • Holds up to 1000 lbs
  • Dimensions: 24” W x 36” L x 23” H

Punctures and cuts are not covered under our warranty policy. Avoid using your SteelBell on any surfaces where a puncture or cut may occur. Contact Us for tips on repair options for punctures or cuts/tears.

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