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SandBell Total Body Blast DVD
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SandBell Total Body Blast is a dynamic full-body, strength and endurance workout. This 47-minute DVD features the Total Body Blast workout along with bonus chapters including the 6-minute Abs and Turkish Get Up series. There is also a technique tutorial to really help you get the most from these intense workouts.

SandBell Total Body Blast will help you get into shape all while having a great time. Hyperwear Master Trainer Brook Benten combines some serious strength moves with heart-pumping cardio elements that amp up the caloric burn and deliver results.

  • Total Body Blast workout
  • SandBell Abs bonus series
  • Turkish Get Up bonus series
  • Technique Tutorial
  • Total run time 47-minutes
In the Total Body Blast workout, Brook leads you through a wide variety of SandBell movements, including swings, slams, twists and glides that will strengthen and tone you from head to toe.

The 6-minute SandBell Abs chapter is one of the most intense abdominal workouts on any fitness DVD. While the Turkish Getup chapter helps you master the high bridge Turkish Getup, utilizing the SandBell.

Hyperwear Master Trainer Brook Benten is a leading fitness trainer with over 15 years experience training all types of populations. She holds an M.Ed. in Physical Education and is certified by ACSM, ACE, AFAA and Kettlebell Concepts. Brook is on a mission to make fitness fun and inspire lifelong commitments to health and wellness.

Workouts require at least two SandBells of equal weight.
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