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SandBell Elements of Training DVD
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Elements of Training will teach you the key elements of training with SandBells and SteelBells. You will learn exercise variations and coaching cues that will impact your training with unlimited versatility.
The Elements of Training provides the user with a sound base of knowledge for the eight main actions series of the SandBell and SteelBell. This DVD features multiple exercise variations and coaching cues for push/pull upper and lower body as well as the slam, swing, toss, twist, strike and slide series.

  • Foundational elements presentation
  • Exercise variations
  • Coaching cues
  • Sample combo & circuit series
  • Total run time 60 minutes
It also included the Combo and Circuit series, which provide additional variety to help you build your exercise menu and really show how effective, challenging and fun this unique training tool, is.

Featuring Diane Vives, an internationally recognized presenter on personal training and sports performance training using integrated program design and the latest in integrative training tools. Diane holds an M.S. in Exercise Science Education and is certified by NSCA and FMS.

Workouts require at least two SandBells of equal weight.
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