SandRope Anchor


The specially designed SandRope Anchoring Accessory allows you to use your SandRope like a traditional battle rope by anchoring it to a solid anchor point or object.

  • Industrial-grade nylon construction
  • Spring snap high-density steel carabineer
  • Can also be used with standard battle ropes


Made from industrial-grade, elasticated black nylon, the 40” long anchor accessory includes a 7/16” spring snap zinc coated high-density steel carabineer that makes securing your SandRope quick and easy.

To anchor, loop one end of the nylon webbing around or through a secure anchor point or object. Thread the other end of the nylon webbing through this loop and pull tight. Attach the loose end of the nylon to the carabineer, which is attached to the end of the SandRope.Note: Be sure to anchor to a fixed, secure anchor point or object. Do not just loop the nylon webbing around a post where it can slide up and down as it will fray and eventually break.

An Anchor Accessory is included with each SandRope purchase at no extra charge.