SandBell DVDs


The SandBell Workout DVD Series will help you get into shape all while having a great time. international recognized Trainers Brook Benten, Patrick Gouda & Diane Vives deliver dynamic, no-nonsense, high-intensity routines that will target every muscle in your body and challenge your cardiovascular endurance like never before.

  • SandBell Slam Series
  • Total Body Blast Series
  • SandBell Elements of Training Series
  • DVDs range from 47 to 84 minutes
  • All DVDs require use of 2 SandBells



In the Total Body Blast workout, Brook leads you through a wide variety of SandBell movements, including swings, slams, twists and glides that will strengthen and tone you from head to toe.The 6-minute SandBell Abs chapter is one of the most intense abdominal workouts on any fitness DVD. While the Turkish Getup chapter helps you master the high bridge Turkish Getup, utilizing the SandBell.


The Elements of Training provides the user with a sound base of knowledge for the eight main actions series of the SandBell and SteelBell. This DVD features multiple exercise variations and coaching cues for push/pull upper and lower body as well as the slam, swing, toss, twist, strike and slide series.


In the SandBell SLAM! workout DVD Patrick will teach you to toss, swing, glide, twist and, of course, slam your way to a lean, fit physique with never before seen variations in this amazing, new cardio strength workout.Also included is a killer 12-minute Abs Only bonus segment designed to sculpt and tone your abs and strengthen your midsection with maximum efficiency in minimal time.

Product Details: DVD ELEMENTS OF TRAINING SKU 1010 – UPC 186214000965, DVD TOTAL BODY BLAST SKU 1010 – UPC 186214000972, DVD SANDBELL SLAM SKU 1010 – UPC 186214000989

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