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ELITE Training Package

$289.98$949.98 $246.48$807.48


Take your Training up a notch with this complete ELITE Training Package designed to prepare you for the annual murph workout and other high-intensity Crossfit WODs. The Hyper Vest ELITE weight vest is the choice of many elite crossfit athletes; it will conform to your body as you complete your run, pull-ups, pushups and squats. Hyperwear products are designed to help you train without limits so you can push past plateaus & perform at your highest level.

The Package includes 1 Hyper Vest ELITE Weighted Vest and 1 Dynamic SteelBell Free Weight, with a total of 15% off both products.

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Hyper Vest ELITE Weight Vest

Kick your training up a notch with the most comfortable, durable and form-fitted weight vest on the market. This weight vest will prepare you to perform at your best on Memorial Day.

SteelBell Free Weight

Rev up your Murph training intensity with this steel-filled free weight that will challenge every part of your body.

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