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Weight Vests for a Healthy Body

Weight vests have become a popular component used by many people in their exercise programs. A weight vest is exactly what it sounds like: a heavy vest. A weight vest is worn over the torso as a means of providing different amounts of resistance. There are also specially designed weight vests for women. This article will talk about the various advantages that wearing a weight vest can give you during your workout.

Improved performance

Performed on its own, resistance training can be an excellent muscle mass and strength builder. However, when a person also wears a weight vest during their resistance training, their performance enhancement potential goes up dramatically. A study performed by Texas Tech University followed two groups of athletes. One group was doing their resistance training with weight vests and the other was doing resistance training with no weight vests. After six weeks had passed, both of the groups were evaluated. Both of the groups showed improvement in the vertical jump, broad jump ad the 40-yard dash. However, as expected, the group doing their training with weight vests had results that were dramatically better.


An exercise program that is successful needs to have variation as a component in it. Human bodies adapt to specific movements over a period of time, whether positive or negative. A halted progress in exercise is usually the result of this adaptation. Weight vests can be used as a tool to cope with variations that human bodies have not been prepared for. We can then throw off our systems whenever we desire by using this unconventional exercise method. Weight training with a weight vest has also been shown to make bones stronger because of the increased gravity and stress that they are subjected to.


_MG_1104Not only have weight vests been proven to be effective in the world of resistance training, they are also an important tool for people who want to improve their cardio exercise routine. The addition of the added weight provided by the weight vest can certainly give the heart a good workout. The European Journal of Applied Physiology performed a study using 12 athletes. One group did their training with no vests while the other wore vests equal to 10 percent of their own body weight. The group wearing the vests were found to perform better when given a test used to measure the ability of their bodies to consume oxygen. Their lactate threshold was also superior to the group with no vests. Both of these are important factors that affect endurance training.

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