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Weight Vest Comparison of Hyper Vest Pro and FIT & SXY

October 19th, 2012

Buying a weight vest can be a difficult decision. Training needs, weight load, max weight capacity and fit add up to make your selection no small task, and unfortunately you can’t “test drive” a weight vest. We’ve created a simple quiz to help you decide which of our weight vests is best for you!

Answer These Questions

1)  What is the purpose for your weight vest training?

a. Training for overall strength (1 point)

b. Training for overall speed and/or endurance (2 points)

c. Training for weight loss and/or general health improvements (3 points)

d. Rehabilitation, or treatment/prevention of medical conditions like osteoporosis  (4 points)

2) What are you going to do in the weight vest?

a. Exercises to train speed and/or agility (1 point)

b. Group classes like CrossFit that focus on both Olympic Lifting and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts (2 points)

c. Running long distances (5k or more) (3 points)

d. Group classes in a gym or studio, such as Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Body Pump, spinning, yoga, etc.  (4 points)

3) Do you plan to increase the vest weight load over time?

a. YES. I will start low, but plan to add weight as my performance improves. (1 point)

b. YES. But, I won’t be wearing the vest during all workouts so my weight increases will  be small, i.e. 2-5 lbs. (2 points)

c. NO. I plan on keeping the weight load the same. (3 points)

4)  Do you like buying new and/or fashionable fitness clothing?

a. NO, I am not picky about what I workout in. Colors and brand names don’t influence my purchase decision. (1 point)

b. YES, fashionable workout apparel motivates me to workout. (2 points)

c. YES, absolutely, I like my clothing to make me look great! (3 points)

5)  Are you going to be sharing the weight vest with anyone?

a. NO, the weight vest will be used only by me. (1 point)

b. YES, I will be sharing this with my friends/family/clients/other. (2 points)


Add Up Your Points and Choose Your Vest

5 to 10 Points: Hyper Vest® PRO – Train For Sport

Voted “Best Weight Vest” by Men’s Health Magazine, and recipient of the American Council of Exercise’s (ACE) highest 5-star rating. The Hyper Vest PRO’s revolutionary design prides itself in weighing you down to step up your performance. This weight vest was specifically created for athletes training for a specific sport or competition. Its patented design stretches horizontally across the chest, providing complete range-of-motion with any exercise. The PRO vest fits snugly to the core, similar to a compression shirt so it won’t bounce, chafe or interfere with your workouts. The material is antimicrobial and wicking, so it won’t retain or smell like sweat.

Whether you’re training for baseball, football, basketball, CrossFit, or tennis, the PRO vest makes your training more challenging, which will transform you into a better, faster, more efficient and responsive athletic machine. Wear the weight vest during practice and run, lift, carry, and hustle your way to success when it counts—during competition or game time. This weight vest is a better option for users who will not be sharing it with anyone else. To clean the vest we recommend hand washing with a mild soap or detergent and hanging to dry (do not need to remove weights before washing).

The Hyper Vest PRO is available in sizes small-XXL, and each vest comes pre-loaded with 10 lbs. The PRO vest is preferred by athletes who want to increase the weight load over time, and 5 lb. weight vest booster packs are available for purchase on the Hyperwear website. The max weight load of the small vest is 23 lbs., medium 26 lbs., large 34 lbs., XL 46 lbs. and XXL 66 lbs. Unsure of what size vest you are? Find your size on the weight vest sizing chart at the bottom of the page.

 11-18 Points: Hyper Vest FIT and SXY – Wear For Sport

Need a workout partner that will actually help  you get FIT and SXY? Look no further than the Hyper Vest FIT and SXY weight vests. Chic, sleek, comfortable and slim—the Hyper Vests FIT and SXY are the best kind of workout clothing because wearing one will help you burn more calories and slim down! These weight vests are perfect for gym-enthusiasts and runners alike to wear during their favorite sports, activities, or exercise endeavors because of the low weight load. Both the FIT and SXY vests come preloaded with 5 lbs. of weight, which is ideal to wear while running, jogging, walking, yoga, pilates, during group fitness classes, spinning, boot camp, and especially activities/classes that last 45 minutes or longer.

If your goal is weight loss, toning up, or maintaining your already FIT and SXY body, simply adding 5 lbs. will have your muscles working harder and burning more calories and with each movement. Throw on the FIT or SXY vest and your regular workouts will be taken to a new muscle-challenging level.

Choose either the FIT or SXY weight vest over the PRO if you’re not planning on adding more than 2-5 lbs. of weight to the vest, or if you’re planning on sharing. The FIT and SXY vests are easier to wash in the washing machine because the weights in the vest are larger and easier to remove. To clean, simply take out the weights, wash the vest in the washing machine on gentle, tumble dry on low heat, slip the weights back in and you’re ready to go at it all over again!

The Hyper Vest SXY is the first weight vest designed specifically for women with a shapely cut and anatomical design that is comfortable for all shapes and sizes. It also comes in stylish colors never before seen on any type of weight vest! The max weight load for the SXY small is 8 lbs., medium 8.5 lbs., and large 13 lbs. The SXY is available in the following colors and sizes (see the weight vest sizing chart at the bottom of the page if you’re unsure of your size):

The Hyper Vest FIT is the male-friendly version with a crew neck and more masculine design and colors. Both the FIT and SXY vests fit comfortably, and snugly to the body so you won’t have rubbing, bouncing or chaffing. The max weight load for the FIT medium is 10.5 lbs., and large is 18 lbs. If you want to add weigh to your FIT or SXY vest, 2 lb. booster packs are available. The Hyper Vest FIT is available in the following colors and sizes:

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