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Weekend Warriors

April 2nd, 2011

Weekend Warriors is a chance to share ideas about ways to use Hyper Wear Products over the weekend.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day during the week to get all the fun in, so what do you do with your Hyper Gear on the weekend?  Here’s an idea:

The view from the hill where we play Ultimate - Austin skyline!

Here in Texas, it’s already getting hot!  We’re in the upper 80’s this weekend, but the breeze is cool, the sky is blue, and the flowers are blooming, so we call it spring and head outside!

My plans for the weekend include a little Garage Sale shopping bright and early on Saturday morning.  The community garage sale is happening in our neighborhood, so I’m going to strap on my Hyper Vest PRO and walk around the neighborhood, hunting for some good deals.  I’ll take a couple of reusable bags with me so all my cheap loot is easier to carry!  I’ll burn a few extra calories per hour and won’t even notice thanks to the great design of the Hyper Vest PRO.  I plan to drag Cosmo along with me, so that means I’ll burn even more calories!!

Sunday afternoon is our day to play Ultimate Frisbee at Zilker Park down in Austin!  We gather with 10-15 friends and play games to seven for two or three hours.  If the temperature get as high as it has been by three in the afternoon, I’ll take my Hyper Vest COOL and slip it on between games.  It’s not really hot enough yet to wear it during the game, but it’ll cool that core down nicely during the five to ten minute breaks we take between games.

So those are my plans…what are yours?  How will you stay Hyper this weekend?

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