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Weekend Warrior – Denver Fredenburg with Hyper Vest PRO

April 23rd, 2011

A few weeks ago, you had the opportunity to “meet” Denver Fredenburg, one of the new members of the Hyper Team.  He is an enthusiastic and high-energy addition to our crew.  Denver has instituted the staff workout and as a result, you can find us sweating in the warehouse on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons!  Stay tuned, as these workouts will soon be open to the public…for FREE!

Anyway, I asked Denver if he ever did anything out of the ordinary in his Hyper Vest PRO on the weekends…you know, weekend warrior-style.  Here’s the picture I received from him Sunday night:

That vest is loaded with 17 pounds and I’m sure the kid weighs at least that!  Thanks for the pic, Denver!  We love to see our employees as passionate about our products as our customers are!

Are you a Weekend Warrior?  Send pics and descriptions of the unique ways you use your Hyper Wear products to suzi (at) hyperwear (dot) com and you just might be our next Weekend Warrior!

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