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Hyper Training Lab: Partner Circuit Examples w. Diane Vives

October 4th, 2011

Partner Circuit Examples

Welcome back to this week’s Hyper Training Lab with Diane Vives! There are many great applications that make the SandBells and SteelBells great tools for partner work.  This could be a station within a bigger circuit, or a great way to set up an entire circuit for partners. The SandBell movement actions of tosses and strikes add a fun and effective element to the workout.

  1. Split lunge with flips (Pillar Two – Level Change): Great isometric hold to increase leg strength while creating a fun stability challenge with the SandBell tosses
  2. Partner Plank Flips – Mirror/Follow Leader options (Pillar Three – Upper Body Push/Pull): Trains the upper body while keeping you motivated with the great interaction of a partner.  Great stability strength and single arm strength while performing the flip action.
  3. Partner side strikes (Pillar Four – Rotary Stability/Rotation): Focus on turning the shoulders as a unit with the action of the mid-torso.  Great for core strength and the rotational strength needed in changes of direction in sports agility movements
  4. Partner shuffles  (Pillar 1 – Locomotion/Biomotor Skills): Here we focus on lateral locomotion and challenge hand-eye coordination with the chest pass.  Great for increasing the energy demands of the overall circuit and still maintaining the fun factor with partner work.

Look out for more great challenge circuit ideas in next week’s Hyper Training Lab that are perfect for conditioning and pushing toward your personal best!

Click to view this week’s Hyper Training Lab video!

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