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Top 5 tricks to get beach body ready!

Alright everyone, it’s time to face the facts and get real honest with yourself…Beach and pool season are RIGHT around the corner. Are you ready to show off that body and hit the pool this summer?! Don’t worry if you’re not because today we’re bringing you the top 5 tricks to get beach body ready!


This may seem silly, but the hardest part about sticking to a diet, fitness regime or workout plan is getting yourself mentally committed. Whenever you decide to start your “get back in shape” plan, DO IT! Don’t put it off, wait till Monday, come up with excuses or let yourself be easily swayed by cheeseburgers and fruity cocktail drinks. I mean really, what’s going to make you more satisfied in the long run, stuffing your face and wearing a mumu, or trimming the fat and feeling fabulous when you’re lounging poolside? You tell me. I won’t lie to you, weight loss, eating right and getting lean isn’t a jolly walk in the park. BUT, if you commit NOW, stick to your commitments and make a conscious effort to stay on track then, YOU. WILL. OVERCOME!

Don't be a victim.


What’s the easiest way to stay committed to your fitness plan? Make yourself accountable for your workouts and diet restrictions. Get in a fitness relationship with a friend and the two of you commit to holding each other accountable so you reach your goals! Working out in a group or with a friend provides accountability, support and may spark some healthy competition. Hey, it’s not easy for anyone to get up at 5:30am to go workout. Though, knowing you’re meeting a friend or giving someone a ride to the gym might be the little kick in the rear you need to stop pressing snooze and throw on those sneakers. Working out with other people might also make exercising more enjoyable?! ┬áThat’s not why they created group fitness classes or anything…! Laugh along with your friends, challenge each other to get the most out of every workout and support one another through times of weakness. Getting in a fitness relationship with a group, friend or family member is also great for building relationships. I always say, you never really know a person until you’ve done 50 burpees with them… ­čÖé

See, doesn't this look fun!?


Your doctor and mother have probably told you this a million times before…but just for good measure, DRINK MORE WATER. I know I know, it’s bland, it’s boring and sometimes it tastes funny when it comes out of the sink, but get over it! Here’s a short list of just some of water’s benefits for the body–it detoxifies, protects vital organs, helps with metabolism, regulates body temperature, promotes healthy skin and without it, well, you’d be dead. What’s more, drinking water can also suppress your appetite. Try this, before your next meal drink a tall, cold glass of water, wait 10-15 minutes and then sit down to eat. Your stomach will be more full so you will hopefully take in less food. Also, next time you get a pesky hunger pang in-between meals, chug a glass of H20. Your brain might be tricking you into feeling like you’re hungry, when in fact you’re just dehydrated. Moral of the story, make water your new best friend (well, after your new fitness boyfriend/girlfriend).

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Stay motivated throughout your weight loss, toning or dieting journey by surrounding yourself with motivational words and images. I personally can attest to ripping the cover off of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition so I could hang it on my refrigerator. And I can honestly say I actually made smarter eating decisions because it almost seemed like that gorgeous, tanned, toned woman was staring daggers into me when I picked up a cookie. Next time you’re flipping through a magazine, rip out all those swimsuit models and pin them on your refrigerator, in your pantry, on your bathroom mirror, or even in your underwear drawer! Hanging up words of encouragement or motivating pictures will serve to keep you on track and remind you what you’re working towards. We all know those images are probably photoshopped, so I’m in no way saying your goal should be to look like a model. What I AM saying is that it will be much harder to fall off the wagon when you’ve got a scantily clad swimsuit model watching over your eating decisions!

Not so motivating...



Want to know the secret to making the MOST out of your workouts. Three words…WEIGHT-VEST-TRAINING. I’m not trying to toot Hyperwear’s horn but, TOOT TOOT!!!!!! Seriously, add on the Hyper Vest PRO during your regular workouts and within the first two minutes you will definitely feel the difference. Wearing a weighted vest during any type of activity challenges your body and works it even harder. Have you hit a plateau? Slip on the Hyper Vest PRO, proceed with normal workouts and watch those last five pounds melt off. Weighted vest are great because they allow you to work your muscles even harder just by adding on weight to the core. You can also wear this vest when doing work around the house, gardening, underneath clothes at work, you name it! The vest is comfortable and slim enough to be worn underneath and on top of clothing, and won’r rub, chaff or interfere with your movements.

Muscles in picture are actually as large as they appear to be.

You’re all set. Go out, make a plan, start today and STICK TO IT! You’ve got all the tools to whip your body into shape so you can look and feel your absolute best this summer. And hey, if you need some support, motivation, or someone to hold you accountable feel free to post your progress on the Hyperwear Facebook page–we’re here to give you all the support and motivation you need!



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