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Better Booty

TOP 5 SandBell® Moves for A Better Booty

The Gluteus Maximus, a.k.a. the butt, is the largest and most powerful muscle in the body. For some it’s pretty prominent, we’re looked at you Kim Kardashian. For others it’s practically non-existent.

Located at the back of the hip, the Gluteus Maximus is one of three gluteal muscles. Its main functions are hip extension and hip external rotation. Some of the best exercises to train the Gluteus Maximus include squats, glute bridges and lunges.

Here are our Top 5 SandBell® butt-building exercises that will not only engage your posterior chain but everything else from your head to your toes. Build strength, challenge your core, increase power and endurance while you also sculpt a nice rounded backside with these SandBell moves:

1. Squat

SandBell Front Squat

SandBell Front Squat

2. Slam

Jump Slam

Jump Slam



Forward Lunge

4. Hip Swing

Hip swing

Hip Swing

5. Glute Bridge Squeeze

Glute bridge squeeze

Glute bridge squeeze

Amp up your workout, and results, by adding a Hyper Vest PRO weight vest.

Engaging in a consistent exercise program that includes using SandBell free weights and the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest, coupled with a healthy diet not only makes you feel amazing but will help you achieve your fitness goals as efficiently as possible.

Declan Condron
Hyperwear Director of Education

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