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Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill

August 18th, 2011

Beginning today, Hyper Wear is commencing our bi-monthly blog segment, Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill, dedicated to providing workouts and exercise ideas for K-12 physical education classes!  These fun, quick and high-energy drills are geared toward challenging students of all ages, and all fitness levels.

Today’s Drill Thrills will consist of group and partner games that focus on executing a single drill repeatedly.

Drill Thrill #1: Figure Eight Slam Pass

  1. Divide students into as many groups as necessary, as long as there are an equal number of people in each group.
  2. Designate each group to their own area in which they will form a single-file line, making sure to allow three to four feet between each person.
  3. Hand out one SandBell per line/group.
  4. To begin, the first person in each line makes a complete figure eight motion between their legs with the SandBell, slams it to the ground and then passes it to the person behind them.
  5. The goal is to be the first line to have each person complete the exercise and get the SandBell all the way down the line first.

*Variation: Instead of providing just one SandBell per team, you can give each team a stack of four to six SandBells and have them perform the activity until all the SandBells reach the end of the line.

Drill Thrill #2: Granny Toss Partner Slam

  1. Divide students into pairs and have them spread out across the room facing each other with five to six feet separating each pair.
  2. Give each pair a SandBell.
  3. One student stands with the SandBell in a straddle position, holding the SandBell with both hands just below the knees.
  4. The student with the SandBell granny tosses the SandBell to their partner, just above head-height.
  5. Partner catches the SandBell and then immediately reaches up and slams it down to the ground.
  6. Repeat six to eight times, and then switch so the other partner begins throwing the SandBell.

*Variation: Place four to five color dot targets near the person throwing the SandBell and challenge the person catching/slamming to hit the different targets upon catching the SandBell.

So now, go out and give these drills a try! Let us know how your students liked each game, or if you have any ideas or drills of your own, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on the next PE Drill Thrill blog!

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