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Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill: SandBell partner games

October 13th, 2011

Welcome back to Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill! The past couple Drill Thrill blogs have focused on individual SandBell activities that can be done on their own, or combined to create a circuit. This week’s drills consist of partner exercises that focus on lower and upper body movement.

Drill Thrill #1: Ding Dong

  1. Arrange students into pairs, giving one SandBell per pair.
  2. One partner begins by standing on top of the SandBell, while the other partner stands on the floor.
  3. Partners clasp each other’s wrists.
  4. The student standing on the SandBell jumps backwards onto the floor, while their partner simultaneously jumps onto the SandBell.
  5. Challenge students to stay in rhythm jumping on and off the SandBell for as many “ding dongs” as possible, or see how many they can do in 30 or 60 seconds.

Drill Thrill #2: Pound It!

  1. Arrange students into pairs, giving one SandBell per pair and direct partners to face each other with three to four feet between them.
  2. One partner holds the SandBell at chest height with arms extended, gripping the colored rim so that the logo is facing the floor.
  3. The partner without the SandBell stands with their arms outstretched at chest height and hands balled in fists.
  4. At the sound of the whistle, the student begins pounding the bottom of the SandBell in an up and down alternating-arm motion.
  5. The student pounds the SandBell as fast as they can for 30 seconds, and then switches roles with their partner.

*Variation: Students can stand stationary while pounding the SandBell, or the partner holding the SandBell can slowly move the SandBell up and down or side to side. The other partner must then move and follow the SandBell and continue to pound it as they are guided around.

Challenge students to complete these drills as fast as they can to amp up the complexity! Now go put these drills into action and check back in a couple weeks to uncover even more great partner drills!

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