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Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill: SandBell partner games continued

October 27th, 2011

Good morning! This week’s edition of Thursday’s PE Drill Thrills will be a continuation of SandBell partner games, posted on Oct. 13. The two games provided today will workout the abdominal muscles and challenge partners to complete a task together.

Drill Thrill #1: Heave Ho

  1. Divide students into pairs and give one SandBell per pair.
  2. Direct partners to lie in the sit-up position, with their toes barely touching each other.
  3. One partner begins by hugging the SandBell across their chest.
  4. Both partners simultaneously do a sit-up, and once they meet at the top the partner with the SandBell hands it over to the other partner who holds it as they lie back down.
  5. Repeat the sit-ups with alternating SandBell hand-off. Challenge students to see how many sit-ups they can complete in 30 seconds.

Drill Thrill #2: Hoist the Sails

  1. Divide students into pairs and give two SandBells per pair.
  2. Direct partners to sit facing one another, legs extended, with the SandBells at their feet.
  3. Working together, partners “hoist the sail,” i.e. balance one SandBell on their feet and then lift it as high as they can without dropping it.
  4. Challenge pairs to lift both SandBells when they become accomplished at lifting one.

Now go out and have your students give these games a try! Remember, you can always incorporate these games into a circuit or relay to switch things up and get everyone moving!

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