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Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill: Quick Partner Drills

September 1st, 2011

Welcome back to Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill! For this week’s K-12 PE drills, we are going to provide you with two quick, short-burst drills and one partner passing game. All three drills are easy to organize and execute, and require students to work as a team and accomplish a goal.

Drill Thrill #1: Tug It

  1. Divide students into pairs, giving one SandBell per pair.
  2. Instruct students to stand one to two feet away from each other.
  3. Both students grasp the SandBell, making sure to dig in and grip the middle of the SandBell, not the rim, and then work to tug, push, pull and move the SandBell away from one another.
  4. Students should try to stay planted in their original positions without moving their feet for one round, and then on the next round be allowed to take steps forwards, backwards, etc.

Drill Thrill #2: Calf Tag

  1. Divide students into pairs, giving one SandBell per pair.
  2. One student holds the SandBell with two hands and tries to tag their partner’s calf with the SandBell while the other partner tries to avoid being tagged.
  3. Reverse the roles and repeat.

Drill Thrill #3: Partner Passing Tag

  1. Divide students into two, equal parallel lines that are 15 to 20 yards apart, and instruct the two lines of students stand so they’re facing each other.
  2. The first people in each line act as partners and move to the middle of the two lines, standing three to four feet away from one another.
  3. The pair tosses the SandBell back and forth.
  4. Once a whistle is blown, the student that does not have the SandBell tries to run back to their line, while the student with the SandBell chases his/her partner and attempts to tag them before the partner reaches their home line.
  5. Repeat activity for every pair of students.

Now get out there and give these drills a try! Let us know what you think, and check back in a couple weeks for more exciting Drill Thrills!

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