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The SteelBell Bump for Kettlebell Training

November 8th, 2010

Good Monday Morning!
Hello from Virginia!! I’ve recently finished my move to Norfolk, Virginia, and am ready to get back to training and sharing great bits of information to all of you out there in Hyper-World!

This week we’re focusing on how SteelBells and SandBells can be a great training aid for Kettlebell training. Now, when performing the Jerk exercise with a Kettlebell, there is a slight counter movement, called “the Bump” that helps create a much more explosive and efficient Jerk repetition. The Bump creates a more explosive stretch-shortening cycle in the entire body, so that the athlete doesn’t have to rely on taxing the muscles in the shoulder to perform their best Jerk repetition.

Take a look at this week’s video to see how I use a 40lb SteelBell to create a more comfortable “Bump” to prepare for my Kettlebell competition. Once again, you will see how Kettlebell training can be greatly assisted by using products from Hyper Wear!

Want to know more about what I have been contemplating as I encounter a new job and new individuals to train?  Click here to hear my thoughts on my new life in Virginia.


Never Stand Still!

Bill Meyer, SCE, USAW
Head Hyperwear Coach

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