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Super-Sets with Strength to Power for the Athlete

September 20th, 2011

In this week’s Hyper Training Lab video, Diane shares training floor examples for more advanced athletes.  This could mean these athletes have spent extensive, dedicated time in a planned multi-phase program, or that the athlete has a higher training age in experience. Either way, this super-set increases over all intensity because it combines strength and the immediate transfer to power/speed endurance movements.

Super-set Example #1

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Full body slam with SandBell

Super-set Example #2

  1. Side lunge with dumbbell
  2. Skaters with SandBell reach

Both of these super-sets can be executed with repetition ranges that apply to strength and power endurance by using lower resistance and higher volume. They can also focus on higher intensity/lower repetition ranges with less volume to target the true complex super-set that translates to higher power in performance.

Whether you’re a football player, or an in-preseason women’s basketball athlete, these are examples of how to really target the increasing need for strength and power in your program.


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