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Strong Bones Can Lead To A Healthier Life

September 26th, 2012

We’ve heard the lectures and watched the commercials telling us that exercise can lead to a happier, healthier life. And, that once you reach a certain age, exercise can prevent serious health conditions such as osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, thinning of the bones, increases your risk of bone fracture. Osteoporosis is more common in white and Asian women over age 50. Almost half of all women with osteoporosis will fracture a bone after a fall. However, men over age 50 fracture bones after falling only 20 percent of the time. The difference between the number of fractures in men and woman is because women tend to lose bone mass faster than men.

Your risk of getting osteoporosis can be reduced with a regular weight-bearing exercise program. In addition to exercise, men and women under age 50 can significantly reduce their chances of osteoporosis by taking the recommended daily amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

Resistance arm curls wearing the Hyper Vest SXY

Weight-bearing exercises, like walking, jogging, Zumba or yoga can strengthen the muscle in your back. Stronger back muscles increase the bone density in your spine. The denser your bones, the harder they are to break.

Tai chi, yoga, brisk walking, golf, dancing, hiking, racquet sports and strength training are beneficial and fun activities that help prevent osteoporosis. Depending on your physical health, many of these exercises can be done while wearing a weight vest. Wearing a weighted vest on a regular basis can train your body to balance itself, which reduces your chances of falling.

According to a study by the University of Utah, women wearing weight vests while participating in a nine-month exercise program showed improvement in lower body stability, power and strength, which helped improve balance thereby reducing their risk of falling.

The Hyperwear FIT and SXY weight vests can help you get more out of your exercise program. The weights in the vests are distributed evenly over the chest and back so the extra weight doesn’t place pressure unevenly on muscles or joints. The vests fit comfortably and snugly against your core and won’t rub, chafe or bounce during exercising or other physical activities.

It’s up to you! Take steps now to live a healthier, happier life. Add the Hyper Vest FIT or SXY weight vest  to your daily exercise routine—your bones will thank you!

Note: If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, talk with your doctor before using a weight vest.


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