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SandRope Squat & Slam Workout

December 3rd, 2014

Try this Squat & Slam Workout using the Hyperwear® SandRope™

There is a game-changing piece of fitness equipment that is versatile, mobile, fun, and functional. It will keep your child entertained and guarantee no unwelcomed interruptions from your workout. It will allow your child and you to release oxytocin in tandem while you exercise. It will naturally get heavier as you get stronger. This product is FREE to all moms. Shipping is free, too. This extraordinary piece of equipment is your dear, darling child!

Up to this point, attempting to workout while caring for your kid has been challenging on good days, and a colossal waste of time on bad days. Getting your child involved, as the resistance equipment for most of your workout, will change everything!

We all like to receive adoration, but we’ll settle for attention. What we really don’t like is to be ignored or forgotten. This is not just in a child’s nature; it’s human nature! By holding your child as your resistance while performing body weight exercises, your child will feel cherished. Furthermore, there are great physical fitness benefits to gain for mom by trading in a fixed piece of exercise equipment (dumbbell, medicine ball, etc) for the wiggling, jiggling, variable piece of equipment that is your child! As your child shifts in your grip, your center of gravity will continually change. This will render a great challenge to your core muscles.

By layering your workout with >2:1 ratio of exercises with your child to exercises with other equipment, you will be able to give your child the acknowledgement he needs to buy you a short period of time to do whatever you’d like… then coming right back to your child for the next set! If you were to pick an exercise that would take longer than 80-seconds to get your heart, lungs, and body taxed, forget it- your child will not be on to you! You need something that’s going to give you a big bang in next to no time. The Hyperwear® SandRope™ Battle Rope Slams can do that!

battle rope slams

Hyperwear SandRope Battle Ropes

Knowing that your time is limited for a non-child interval before chaos erupts, you better be very selective in what you do with that time. You could pick a piece of cardio equipment to skyrocket your heart rate… or a piece of strength equipment to tone your figure… or a single piece of equipment that will do both! The Hyperwear® SandRope™ provides cardiovascular endurance, power, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. In an interval of 20-80 seconds, you’ll torch your entire system.

Because of the density added by the sand inside the SandRope™ , this battle rope requires much less space than any other battle rope. Another one-of-a-kind feature about the SandRope™ is that it can be used anchored or unanchored. If a safe anchoring point is available to you, perform the SandRope™ SLAMS for this workout with an anchored SandRope™. If not, you may still effectively experience the SLAM, unanchored. If you must SLAM with an unanchored SandRope™, you should move your child to a safe and removed area, such as a playpen or ExerSaucer®. Even if you anchor your SandRope, it would be prudent to put your child in one of these fun but secure confinements for this 20-80 second interval.

Here’s the workout:


With baby facing out, wrap one arm under your child’s arms and the other around his or her torso. Hold your child securely to your body. Keep your spine erect as you drop down through a squat then rise up to standing plank position.

Perform 12 Repetitions


Change your baby’s position to face towards you, and adjust your grip to embracing a hand on each side of his or her waist. Drop down through a squat then press your child towards the ceiling as you rise up. Exhale as you press up, inhale as you squat down. If you are comfortable tossing your child in the air, add a toss. If you are not certain that you will safely catch your child after a toss, do not add the toss option!

Perform 12 Repetitions

Step 3: SandRope™ SLAMS

Release your child to play, independently, for up to 80-seconds. If this interval lasts longer than that, abort ship! You do not have time to poke around. Be deliberate with the time for your childfree interval and give it 100%. Get your reps in before your child reaches his/her “expiration date.” See Dead Lift form For SandRope™ Slam (hyperlink to my first blog) for instructions on proper form.

Make sure that your child is outside of the “line of fire” before firing away.

Perform Your AGE in SandRope™ Slams!

Rest! Repeat this circuit three times through (4 circuits, total)

While you may still find it challenging to bathe, grocery shop, or clean the house while chasing after your wee one, getting your workout just got a whole lot easier with this Body Weight, Baby, and SandRope™ Circuit.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brook Benten is President of Cardiopump™ Fitness, LLC. She possesses a Master of Education in Physical Education with emphasis in Sport and Fitness Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. Her certifications include ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist, ACE personal trainer, and StrongFirst Girya II kettlebell instructor. She was a 2012 finalist for Personal Fitness Professional’s “Personal Trainer of the Year.”

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