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Slick Floor SandBell Sandbag Exercises (1 of 3) – MMM #95

February 28th, 2011

Good Monday Morning!

Time for a new Pick 3 Series! This time I’m giving you a closer look into a type of training that you might not think is even possible with a SandBell or SteelBell from Hyper Wear…  I’m talking about Slick Floor Training!

Did you know your SandBell can be used to slide across a slick surface to help add resistance to an otherwise body-weight-only exercise? Here’s a look at one of my favorite Slick Floor exercises.  (Make sure to check back in next week for yet another one.)

The Plank Knee Drive is a great exercise for strength and stability for the general population looking to increase the difficulty of a traditional plank.  This exercise is also a favorite of mine to train explosive athletes looking for a more powerful take-off from a 3 or 4 point start position. The heavier the SandBell, the stronger the athlete’s push-off needs to be.

No matter the size or weight of the SandBell, Hyper Wear has created a versatile and durable piece of equipment that slides on multiple surfaces without bunching or tearing over time.



Never Stand Still!

Bill Meyer, SCE, USAW
Head Hyper Wear Coach


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