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SandBells: An International Hit!

October 11th, 2010

Hyper Wear’s own Lauren Sparrow took part in a mission trip to Honduras.  Each participant was asked to share one of their talents in a special way with the children there at the orphanage they were helping build.  Sparrow’s passion is for fitness and health, so this was the talent she shared – daily exercise for the kids and adults.

As soon as she signed up for the trip, she told us she wanted to take SandBells with her.  She took them empty in her suitcase and filled them there, with the help of her teammates:

Sparrow is an amazing trainer for young and old alike, so it was so natural for her to come up with fun exercises for the kids to do:

Some of the bigger kids really enjoyed slamming those SandBells…

…and poking fun at our Sparrow…

It was a life-changing trip for Sparrow and hopefully for all of those wonderful people she encountered!  We’re so proud that a little piece of Hyper Wear resides in Honduras among new friends!  Thank you, Sparrow, for the opportunity to join you!

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