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SandBell Workout Full Body Lateral Movement

SandBell Workout Full Body Hyper Training Lab #51

sandbell workout

SandBell Workout Full Body Lateral Movement


Set-Up: For this workout, advanced users will need a 10-20 lb. SandBell and beginners should use a 4-10 lb. SandBell. In the workout, Frankie demonstrates each exercise using a 15 lb. SandBell. This is a full body workout that incorporates lateral movements to step up the intensity and challenge your balance and stabilizer muscles.

Repetitions/Rounds: To complete this workout, do 8 repetitions of each exercise for a total of 3 rounds. You can make the workout more difficult by increasing the weight of your SandBell and number of repetitions/rounds.

Exercises in the Video

Push Up to Extension

Start by getting into a push up plank position, either on your knees or toes, and place the SandBell in between your hands. Pick up the SandBell with your right hand, pull it back toward your rib cage and then press the SandBell into the air to a full arm extension. As you extend your arm into the air, rotate onto the outside of your feet so your body and chest are completely opened up to the right side. Drop the SandBell on the floor and repeat, alternating arms each time. To make the exercise more challenging, touch your chest to the floor each time you do a push up.

Single Leg RDL (Russian Deadlift)

Start standing and hold the SandBell in your right hand. Shift your weight so you’re balancing on your left leg, hinge forward at the hips, activate your glutes, and let your right leg float back into the air while you reach down to touch the SandBell to the ground. Come back to standing and repeat. You can do 4 Single Leg RDL’s in a row and then switch to the other leg, or alternate legs each time.

Rainbow Slam

Start standing with feet hip-width distance apart and place the SandBell just outside your right foot. Pivot feet and legs to the right, rotate and squat to pick up the SandBell, drive the SandBell overhead in a rainbow motion and slam to the outside of the left foot. Make sure to keep your chest up and drop your hips into a squat when you pick up the SandBell. Repeat 8 times.

Cosmic Squat

Start standing with feet together and rest the SandBell on top of your right shoulder. With your right foot, step out 90 degrees into a deep lunge and then return to standing. Be sure to sit back into your heel each time your lunge, keep your chest up and core activated. Complete 4 lunges on the right side, switch the SandBell to load on the left shoulder, and then do 4 lunges on the left side.

Focus & Targeted Muscle Groups

  • Total body workout
  • Upper body complex
  • Hamstrings, glutes and quads
  • Improve total-body communication
  • Grip, wrist and forearm muscles


The exercises and repetitions are recommendations and should not be done if you have ailments or injuries. Hyper Training Lab exercises are designed to get you healthy, toned and fit. We don’t encourage over-training or strenuous exercising that lead to injury.

Featured in the Video

This Hyper Training Lab installment is brought to you by Robyn Pettinger, owner of CrossFit Rep in Austin, TX.

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