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SandBell® Warm-up Exercises for Kids

November 29th, 2012

Before exercising it’s important to warm up your body and prepare it for the muscle-challenging work it’s about to do. A proper warm-up is essential for everyone from kids to adults, and recreational to professional athletes.

In today’s P.E. Drill Thrill, we’re focusing on warm-ups exercises for kids. Warming up before playing a sport, game or exercising gets the blood flowing and prepares the body for the rising temperature during the sport or activity. During a warm up the heart and breathing rates gradually increase, which eases them into a more strenuous physical activity.

Warming up also helps reduce the risk of injury because your muscles are better able to adapt to quick movements and makes it less likely you will have muscle soreness the next day.

A good warm-up takes about 10 minutes and begins with slow, easy exercises and progress into faster, more advanced exercises. Slow, easy exercises include walking lunges, knee drives, light jogging, partner passes or jumping jacks. More advanced exercises include karaoke, butt kicks, skipping, high knees or more intense weight bearing exercises.

The warm-up exercises in the video below show three SandBell exercises easily included in a dynamic warm-up routine.

Games in the Video

SandBell Hops

Each child needs one SandBell. Put the SandBell on the floor to the right of the feet. Jump to the right onto the SandBell and then further right onto the floor. Then, jump to the left onto the SandBell then jump further onto the floor. Repeat. See how many times kids can jump back and forth onto the SandBell and then the floor in 30 seconds without missing a jump or losing their balance.

SandBell Partner Passes

Each child needs a partner and one light-weight SandBell, the heavier the SandBell the more challenging the game. Pairs toss the SandBell back and forth and without dropping the SandBell. See how many times kids can toss the SandBell back and forth in 30 seconds without dropping it. See how high in the air they can throw it to their partner.

SandBell Plank Pull

Each child needs a partner and one light-weight SandBell. Both kids get in the plank position on the floor facing each other, elbows on the ground and the SandBell placed on the floor between them. When the game begins, both kids grab the SandBell and pull it towards them while staying in the plank position. Kids pull and tug against each other to see who can get the SandBell closest to them. Have kids “fight” for the SandBell f0r 30 seconds, take a 10-15 second break and then repeat for 3-4 rounds.

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