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SandBell® and TRX Balance Workout

SandBell and TRX Exercises Hyper Training Lab #47

Hyperwear Top Trainer, Sam Dowd, shows you 4 exercises with a SandBell and TRX suspension trainer that challenge your balance.

Set-Up: For this SandBell and TRX workout you’ll need a TRX Suspension Trainer, one light weight SandBell (4-8 lbs.) and one heavy SandBell (10+ lbs.). Make sure you have a stable anchor point for your TRX Suspension Trainer, like a door frame, functional training rack, etc. These SandBell exercises are designed to work your balance and coordination by adding weight to traditional stability-challenging exercises. You can also add the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest to make this workout more challenging and taxing on your balance and stabilizer muscles.

Repetitions/Rounds: For each SandBell and TRX exercise, perform 8-10 repetitions, if doing a single arm or single leg exercise, then perform 8-10 reps on each side. Complete at least 4 rounds. To increase the difficulty of this workout use heavier SandBells, increase the number of reps, or complete additional rounds.

Exercises in the SandBell and TRX Video

Single Arm Row

For this exercise, use one light weight SandBell (4 lb. SandBell used in the video). Hold both handles of the TRX with your left hand and the SandBell in your right hand. Stand about 4ft. away from the anchor point of the TRX with feet hip-width distance apart. Holding onto the TRX, lean back on your heels, and keep your muscles tight and engaged so your body is a straight line from head to your toes. As you lean back, let your right hand fall behind you so it’s almost touching the floor, pull yourself up with your left hand and simultaneously reach your right hand up toward the TRX anchor point. When pulling yourself up, keep your elbow locked to your rib cage and don’t let your arm wing out. To make this exercise more difficult stand closer to the TRX anchor point. Perform 8-10 reps on the left arm and then 8-10 reps on the right arm.

Single Leg Lunge

Start by wrapping the handles of the TRX together (see video), and use your heavier SandBell (15 lb. used in video). Put your right foot though the handles of the TRX and get into a reverse lunge position, make sure your left knee doesn’t extend over your left ankle. Hold the SandBell at chest height with both hands and lunge. As you lunge, keep your right leg straight and extended and use your core, hips and stabilizer muscles to maintain control so you don’t wobble. To increase the difficulty, drive the SandBell forward, overhead, or to the right/left hips as you lunge. Perform 8-10 reps on the left side and then 8-10 reps on the right.

Balance Lunge Toss

Keep the TRX handles wrapped and get into the same lunge position as the previous exercise. Put your right foot into the handles and drop into a low lunge position, the lower you drop the more challenging the exercise. Have a partner stand in front of you so you can toss the SandBells back and forth to each other (4 lb. SandBells used in the video). Try to sit even deeper into the lunge as you toss the SandBells. To make the exercise more difficult, increase the weight of the SandBells, sit deeper in the lunge, or have your partner stand further away from you. Toss the SandBells 8-10 times on the left leg and then 8-10 on the right.

TRX Burpee Slam

Keep the TRX handles wrapped, put your right foot into the TRX handles and place a light weight SandBell on the floor in front of you (6 lb. used in video). Start in the reverse lunge position, drop to the floor into a plank, do a push up, grab the SandBell, stand up and jump into the air and then slam the SandBell down onto the ground. This exercise is very difficult and should be performed carefully. If you feel shaky, do not jump into the air when doing the slam and just stand up, extend your arms overhead with the SandBell and then slam it back down. Perform 8-10 reps.

Focus & Targeted Muscle Groups

  • Increase balance and total body coordination
  • Increase stabilizer muscle strength
  • Hip complex
  • Core and obliques
  • Lower body
  • Grip, wrist and forearm


The exercises and repetitions are recommendations and should not be done if you have ailments or injuries. Hyper Training Lab exercises are designed to get you healthy, toned and fit. We don’t encourage over-training or strenuous exercising that lead to injury.

Featured in the Video

The elliptical training circuit is brought to you by Sam Dowd, Personal Trainer at Mecca Gym & Spa and Anthony Winn, Performance Specialist at Driven Performance.

SandBell and TRX

Baseball MVP Matt Holliday doing TRX Inverted Rows with a 50lb SandBell on his Chest

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