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SandBell SLAMS!

March 29th, 2012

Welcome to Thursday’s K-12 P.E. Drill Thrill! This week, we’re breaking down three fun and functional SandBell SLAM exercises that can be added to relays, circuits or kid-friendly workouts!

For set-up, each kid will need one SandBell sandbag and should stand about six feet away from others around them. (See our SandBell Training Poster)

Thunder SLAM

  1. Hold the SandBell high above your head using both hands, body straight and arms extended.
  2. Slam the SandBell down to the ground.
  3. Squat down, deeply bending at your knees (keep your back straight, not hunching over) to pick up the Sandbell. Then repeat 1-3 above.
  4. How loud can you get the SandBell to sound when it slams on the floor?
  5. How many Thunder Slams can you do in 30 seconds while using proper form?

Rainbow SLAM

  1. Stand in square stance position.
  2. Lift SandBell overhead, turn to the right and slam it to the floor next to the right foot.
  3. Squat down, deeply bending the knees, to pick up the SandBell.
  4. Repeat, raising SandBell overhead (making a rainbow movement over your head) and then slam it into the floor next to your left foot.
  5. How many can you do in 30 seconds?

Frog Toss SLAM

  1. Stand in square stance position.
  2. Hold SandBell with both hands hanging down below the knees.
  3. Frog toss the SandBell just above head height, reach up and redirect the SandBell to the ground with a hard slam.
  4. Can you slam the SandBell to a specific target on the ground?

Give these SLAMS a try by making them part of  an exercise circuit, game or relay!


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