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SandBell® Shoulder and Hip Mobility Exercises

September 5th, 2012

Hyper Training Lab #39

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Set-Up: For the shoulder and hip mobility exercises, you will need two, 4 lb. SandBells. These exercises are designed to warm up and stretch your muscles before a workout, so lighter weights are ideal.

Repetitions/Rounds: For this four-exercise warm up circuit, you’ll do each exercise 10 times for two to four rounds. Be sure to switch the lead leg after each round is completed so that both legs are worked equally.

Shoulder and Hip Mobility Exercises in Video

Split Stance Reach and Stretch

Begin by getting in a split stance, grab one SandBell in each hand and drive the SandBells down in the sagittal plane towards your knees or toes, depending on your flexibility. Be sure to keep your arms extended, back straight and imagine you’re tucking your bottom under and drawing your naval in as close to the spine as you can to create distance between the ribs and hips. After driving the SandBells forward, reach your arms directly back over your head toward your ears. As you continue the movements you load up the hip in front and also stretch the thorastic spine when you reach backwards.

Split Stance Side-to-Side Stretch

With this next exercise you’ll work in the frontal plane. Stay in the same split stance position, holding one SandBell in each hand, and alternate reaching each SandBell one at a time over the side of your head. Let your hips move in the opposite direction of the way you’re reaching in order to stretch your core, obliques and hip flexors. You’ll want your hips to have a dramatic movement in the frontal plane so you’ll really feel a good stretch all the way down into your glutes.

Split Stance Up and Across Reach

This exercise will work and stretch you in the transverse plane. As with the two exercises prior, maintain a split squat position with one SandBell in each hand and begin to reach up and across your body with the SandBells, alternating your hands. While reaching up and across, be sure to let your shoulders and hips rotate naturally with your movement and to get a solid reach with your arms.

Targeted Muscle Groups:

  • Hips
  • Thoracic spine
  • Grip, wrist and forearm
  • Core
  • Quads

Ideal Exercises for Those Training to:

  • Warm up shoulders and hips before a workout
  • Help mobilize hips
  • Help mobilize thorastic spine
  • Work all three planes of movement- sagittal, frontal and transverse

Recommended Equipment:

For the Shoulder and Hip Mobility exercises, we recommend using two lightweight SandBells (4 lb. SandBells are used in the video). These exercises are supposed to help warm up your muscles before a workout, so heavier weights are not necessary.

For each SandBell workout, you can also use the Hyperwear SteelBell®. The SteelBell is different from the SandBell in that it’s filled with steel shot, which is much heavier and denser than sand. Thus, the steel inside the SteelBell moves and accelerates faster and with more force than the SandBell. The faster acceleration of the SteelBell will require you to exert more energy to control the SteelBell exercises, making each exercise more challenging.

We recommend using the SandBell and SteelBell for this circuit because these tools are safe, durable and work grip, wrist and forearm strength. Because you must grip into the Sand/SteelBell to hold onto the Bell, you are working grip, wrist and forearm muscles with every exercise in addition to the targeted muscle groups.

To make these exercises even more challenging, add on the 5 lb. Hyper Vest® SXY or FIT weight vest, or the 10 lb. Hyper Vest® PRO weight vest. Loading the body with extra weight means you will use more energy to complete the exercises, and it makes the workout more strength and cardiovascular taxing on the body.

The difference between the Hyper Vest SXY and FIT and the Hyper Vest PRO is that the SXY and FIT vests have a lower max-weight capacity. The Hyper Vest SXY and FIT are also made from a performance spandex fabric that’s better for less rugged exercises. For example, if you want to wear your weight vest while doing burpees (where the front of the vest will be brushing across the floor), a lot of floor exercises on concrete (or other rough surface), or want to add more than 15-20 pounds onto you’re vest, then the Hyper Vest PRO is perfect for you. The Hyper Vest FIT and SXY are also available in different colors, and the Hyper Vest SXY is the first weighted vest that’s specifically designed to fit a woman’s body. Both weight vests have their advantages, read up on both vests on the Hyperwear website to find out which vest is perfect for your body and your training!


These exercises and weights are recommendations and should not be completed if you have any pain or ailments in your grip, arm, shoulder, core or back. Hyper Training Lab exercises are designed to get you healthy, toned and fit. We don’t encourage over-training or strenuous exercising that leads to injury.

Featured in the Video:

Sam Dowd, Personal Trainer at Mecca Gym and Spa and Anthony Winn, Performance Specialist at Driven Performance. Special thank you to Driven Performance for opening up their facility for this Hyper Training Lab video to be filmed.

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