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SandBell Sandbags and Weight Vest Workout

May 11th, 2011

Need a quick workout mid-week that incorporates HyperWear’s versatile products?  Try the following mini-workout wearing your Hyper Vest PRO weighted vest and use whatever size SandBells you prefer.

5 min. warm up (jumping jacks or walking in place work well)

1 min. each of the following (count reps)

1.  SandBell Kettlebell Double Arm Swings – Stand with feet wider than hip-distance apart.  Get a good grip on the SandBell (grip into the sand, not just the rim), using both hands.  Bending at the hips, swing the SandBell between legs and then forward until level with the ground.  Change directions to swing the SandBell back down between the legs.

2.  Sumo walk – Set up two SandBells on the ground (as cones) about 20 feet apart.  Pick up two other SandBells to use as your weights.  Get into squat position and keeping the knees bent in squat position, side step from one cone to the other.  While you are moving with your legs, do shoulder presses with your arms, holding the SandBells.

3.  Knee Drives – Hold a SandBell in front of you with both hands, arms bent at 90 degree angles.  Lift your right knee, driving it into the SandBell and quickly returning it to the ground.  Repeat with the left knee.  You will feel like you are marching with high knees, driving the knees into the SandBell and keeping the SandBell as still as possible.

4.  Quick feet SandBell flutter kicks – You will need a partner for this one…  One person lays on their back, knees up bent at a 90-degree angle.  Partner stands near the feet with the SandBell held near the partners feet.  Partner kicks in small, flutter-kick movements, aiming to hit the SandBell with the laces of the shoes.  This is more tiring than it sounds, so we recommend doing this for 30 seconds then flipping to your stomach for the last 30 seconds.  Now, your partner is in the same position, but you are kicking the SandBells with your heels.

5.  Floor scrubs – You will need a slick floor for this one.  Kneeling next to the floor, take a SandBell in each hand and keeping the core tight, lean forward and “scrub” the floor with your SandBells.  You can move your hands just back and forth or side to side or push them out and do a push up.  Just get creative and have some fun with it!

Repeat whole series and try to beat your number of reps from the first round

5 min. cool down

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