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SandBell Reviews in the Media

SandBell Reviews in Men’s Health, Weight Watchers, Runner’s World and  Wired Magazines

SandBell reviews keep coming our way. Recently, the media has been in a frenzy over Hyperwear gear, and for a good reason! Our products are dynamic, innovative, and will kick your butt into shape. But, what is it that people like most about our gear? Is it the shifting sand, the challenge to balance and stability muscle groups, improvements to athlete grip strength or the unwavering comfort of the weight vest? I would argue it is all of the above!

Men’s Health UK, Weight Watcher Magazine, Runner’s World, and even Wired Magazine have all given two thumbs up to our various products. Check out what’s being said:

SandBell Reviews

SandBell Review in Men’s Health Magazine UK

The Men’s Health UK January/February 2013 edition gave a nod to our Hyper Vest COOL and SandBell. The article pointed to the success the products have on building arm strength, power and stimulation of muscle growth. Looking for an exercise? Try this: While wearing the weight vest, perform the prone-single arm pull/push with trunk rotation

– Assume the prone position on hands and toes
 and put the SandBell on the floor in between your hands

– With an overhand grip, pull the SandBell toward the chest

– Rotate the body and head and push the SandBell vertically up to the ceiling

– Return to the starting position and repeat

– Keep movement rhythmical and work within the your comfort zone

– Work up to doing 3 sets of 15 on each side

SandBell reviews

Jessica Simpson Cover Weight Watchers SandBell Review

In the January/February 2013 issue of Weight Watch Magazine the SandBell was the shining star. Weight Watchers Newsletter in Oct 2013 also recommended the SandBell. Regarded as “a strengthening multitasker,” the versatility of the SandBell in replacing dumbbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells did not go unnoticed. A great example of how the SandBell can easily replace these pieces of equipment is demonstrated in the following exercise, the 
SandBell Swing:

– Holding the SandBell with 2 hands, position your feet slightly wider than hip-width distance apart, bend the knees slightly

– Hinge forward at the hips, and drive the SandBell forward and back between your legs

– Use the hips to drive momentum of the SandBell to your desired range of motion

– Try to swing the SandBell at least up to eye level, or to an overhead extension

sandbell reviews cross training for runners

Runner’s World Magazine Recommends SandBell Workout for Runners

When the weather outside gets chilly, runners need indoor exercises to keep them in peak condition. The February 2013 Runner’s World Magazine showed it’s possible to get a robust, intense workout using just the SandBell. Some of the best indoor exercises for runners include elevated push ups with a SandBell on your back, Zercher squats and one of our favorites: The Rainbow Slam.

– Holding the SandBell with two hands, reach overhead to your desired range of motion

– In a forceful manner, drive the SandBell to the ground just outside your right foot

– Pivot the feet to the right, squat to pick up the SandBell and in a rainbow motion slam the SandBell to the outside of the left foot

– Try to do 3 sets of 15

steelbell reviews

Wired Magazine Home Gym with SteelBells

Wired Magazine’s November 2012 issue placed emphasis on the home gym. The SteelBell was highlighted as a compact, full body piece of equipment designed to, “work your core along with your guns.” Their demographic of “technology geeks”, as they call themselves, proves Hyperwear products are for everybody! Powerful exercises such as the Slurpee deliver a quick, 1-2 punch of intensity hitting the arms, midline, and legs.

– Holding the SandBell, perform a SandBell Slam.

– After slamming the SandBell onto the floor, drop down into the prone position, perform a push up, when coming up from the push up pick up the SandBell, slam, and repeat

– Aim to do 4 rounds of 1-minute max effort followed by 1-minute of rest

Hyperwear SandBell Biggest Loser Season 15

Our latest exciting media news is The Biggest Loser using SandBells and SteelBells for their weight loss exercises during Season 15.

It isn’t just the media taking notice. On a daily basis, we receive notes like this: 
“I’ve been wearing my vest [Hyper Vest SXY weight vest] every day since I bought it during cardio and training workouts. I’ve already slimmed down 14 pounds!!! The clean eating is helping too, but wow! That vest is making the difference…It’s a killer during my 35 min HIIT! Ugh! Loving it!!!!” ~Kami (purchased Hyper Vest SXY on Jan 14th)

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