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SandBell® Line Toss Game for Physical Education

February 14th, 2013

You keep asking for more SandBell games for kids and physical education classes, and we’ll keep giving them! In this week’s P.E. Drill Thrill video, we’re bringing you three variations of one game. These variations show you how to step up the intensity the game and make it more challenging. Get kids working harder by adding in slams, or other exercises, and challenge them to create their own variations at the end!

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Exercises in the Video

SandBell Line Toss

Set Up: Arrange students in a line from one end of the gym to the other. Put a pile of 5-6 SandBells ranging from 2-10 lbs. inside a hula-hoop at one end of the of the line.

Directions (Variation #1): When the game begins, the student next to the SandBell pile picks up a SandBell and hands it to the student behind them, picks up another SandBell, passes it, etc. Challenge students to see how quickly they can get the SandBells from one end of the line to the next. You can also tell students to stack up the SandBells inside the hula-hoop from heaviest to lightest.

Directions (Variation #2): Each student takes 1-2 steps in front of them to create a staggered line. Students toss the SandBells to the other students in line instead of passing them. Students can do a hip toss, overhead toss, chest pass, under-the-legs toss, or any other type of SandBell toss that they can come up with!

Directions (Variation #3): Students remain in the staggered line, each time they catch a SandBell they must slam it on the ground before tossing it to the next person. Make this variation more challenging by adding in a burpee slam, doing a slam and full turn jump, slam and jumping jacks, etc.


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