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Kettlebell vs. SandBell®

March 29th, 2013

Kettlebell Training with the SandBell® and SteelBell®

Kettlebell training has had a huge revival in recent years. Kettlebells are a fantastic tool for strength training but have a few drawbacks: especially for beginners. We will compare the SandBell® and SteelBell® to show how they have some advantages in being more effective and safer for you and your floors than the kettlebell.

kettlebell sandbell

The kettlebell – SandBells and SteelBells work for many kettlebell exercises and are safe

As our understanding of strength training and core exercise has improved over the past decade, the popularity of exercise equipment like the kettleBell or Hyperwear’s SandBell® has grown immensely. kettlebells, in particular, have become commonplace in many gyms. Today, we’ll compare traditional kettlebells with the newer SandBell® to see what each tool does better.


In its most basic form, the kettlebell is no more than a steel weight with a handle attached to the top. Although it appears simple, it is a versatile piece of gym equipment: it is especially useful for core exercise. The kettlebell swing is probably the most well known exercise used with this piece of equipment, and when done properly, it works the hips, glutes, abs, and back, all in one smooth motion. The kettlebell can be held in both hands to add resistance to squats or sit-ups, and its solid handle also makes it useful for being carried in strength training exercises such as the farmer’s walk or elevated push-ups. As a solid weight, the kettlebell is limited to use in exercises that rely on a static, heavy thing being held or swung. It is not good for throwing exercises, and if allowed to get out of control, hurts when it lands on a foot.


SandBell ultimate sandbag weights

Stack of SandBells which are available in 2-50 lbs.

Our SandBell is a simple idea: a neoprene bag filled with play sand. This simplicity, however, doesn’t preclude the fact that the SandBell® is even more versatile than the kettlebell is. The SandBell® is great for core exercises like swings, and it can also be used for exercises like slams that are not suitable for the kettlebell. The SandBell’s smooth surface allows it to be used for almost any gliding ab exercise. It can be thrown like a medicine ball for upper body strength training, and the sand inside shifts in a way that solid steel can’t, forcing the body to adjust to accommodate the changes and burning more calories in the process. SandBells are soft and come in bright colors, which may make them less intimidating to children or less experienced exercisers, especially if there is a risk of dropping the weight.


steelbell steel filled ultimate sandbags

SteelBells are filled with steel shot and twice as dense and lively

SteelBell steel shot filled neoprene free weights are just like the SandBell but twice as dense and lively. They make for an even better alternative to kettlebell training at more advanced levels while being even more effective and safer for you or your floors.

The Winner

So who came out on top? The SandBell® and SandBell® are more effective, versatile and user-friendly than the kettlebell, and serve as a great kettlebell alternative. While the kettlebell is a fantastic workout tool for cardio strength, overall the SandBell® and SteelBell® win. If you have to pick one or the other for your gym, the Hyperwear’s free weights will let you do more exercises in a safe and effective way in order to tone your core and strengthen your entire body.

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