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SandBell floor exercises

Happy Thursday morning and thanks for checking out today’s P.E. Drill Thrill blog! Today, we’re bringing you three SandBell floor exercises to get your students up and active!

Exercise #1: Lying Twists 

  1. Lie on back with knees into chest.
  2. Squeeze the SandBell between the knees.
  3. Extend arms to sides at shoulder level and place the palms flat on the floor.
  4. Squeezing the SandBell between the knees, rotate to one side and touch knees to floor.
  5. Twist back to center, rotate to other side and repeat.

Exercise #2: Get Up Catch

  1. Lie on the floor with the SandBell on chest.
  2. Throw the SandBell up in the air as high as possible.
  3. Get up in standing positions and catch the SandBell before it hits the ground.

Exercise #3: Plank Flips

  1. Start in plank position (push-up) with the SandBell between hands on the floor.
  2. Using one hand flip the SandBell over onto the other side, and with the other hand flip the SandBell back to starting position.
  3. Variation–while maintaining plank position, flip the SandBell while traveling up and down or side to side.

All of these exercises are great challenges to encourage healthy competition among P.E. classes! Time kids to see how many of each exercise they can complete in 30 to 45 seconds, or set up an obstacle course. Get creative and also try to see what games, exercises and movements your class can come up with on their own! Our video of SandBell Exercises for K-12 PE Classes  may give you some ideas.



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