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SandBell Exercises You’ll Love

LOVE is in the air… at least for some people.  In case you didn’t know, Valentine’s Day is coming up, or as I like to call it “Single Awareness Day.”  It’s the one day a year your friends have a pass to completely ditch you for their significant other as they swoon over decadent chocolate, gorgeous long stem roses, and a mouth-watering candlelight dinner. If you are like me, you’ve avoided Valentine’s Day for over a decade. My excuse has always been, “It is my best friends birthday. I’m spending it with her.”  Which is true.  Unfortunately, I moved away from California and have no excuse to avoid the “love on steroids” holiday this year.

In an effort to bring happiness to you on this potentially rough holiday, I have scoured the office, interviewed our Master Trainers and mined through the Twittersphere to put together a list of the best SteelBell, weight vest and SandBell exercises to do on this very day! And the best part? They might score you a date. I have you intrigued now, right?

The exercises selected all have one thing in common: they require a partner. Don’t boo just yet! Studies have shown that athletes experience increases in motivation, performance, intensity, and speed when working out with someone of equal or greater capacity. There are no excuses to working out alone this Valentine’s Day. Turn up the heat by grabbing a friend, a significant other, or the hottie at the gym you’ve been eying since you joined and get ready to MOVE!

The Hyperwear Staff Picks:

Dirk Buikema (President): Coming back from an injury is tough but it hasn’t stopped Dirk from finding low impact movements that pack a powerful punch. His favorite is the “Partner SandBell chest pass with squat. [It’s a] whole body movement plus you can transition to side, underhand and overhead tosses.” To execute this exercise, you and your partner will stand 4-6 feet away from each other, one person holds the SandBell, tosses it to their partner and both people squat before the other partner catches the SandBell. You can rotate your torso and do a hip toss, chest pass, or add a shuffle to get the heart rate up even more!

SandBell Partner Tosses

Denver Fredenburg: Denver knows the importance of incorporating strength training into endurance programming.  His favorite SandBell exercise with a partner is: “Partner crunches with a overhead SandBell toss.” For this exercise, partners get in sit-up position with their toes touching. One person holds the SandBell above their head, both partners do a sit-up and the person with the SandBell tosses the SandBell to the other person as they’re both “sitting up”. The other partner catches the SandBell, lays back down and repeats.

Ramona Miller (Director of Logistics and Operations): A new home owner, Ramona must have remodeling and landscaping on her mind. Her favorite SandBell exercise is “The SandBell wheelbarrow run- One person rests their forearms on a SandBell and partner lifts their legs and pushes them forward as if pushing a wheel barrel. It’s very funny and makes for lots of laughs for everyone involved. The person being the wheelbarrow gets a great core and shoulders workout as they are having to put weight on their arms and keep their core tight to stay on the SandBell and slide. You can do races across the floor and switch positions with partner and continue the race.”

Bret Hutchens (Director of Sales):  The hopeless romantic of the bunch. Bret knows the way to a woman’s heart is by playing hard to get. First he uses the “Russian Twist SandBell Partner Passes. You become intimate with your partner sitting right next to each other,” then he switches it up and throws in the “Balancing Tug-a-SandBell. This is a fun, competitive exercise to do with someone you love because deep down you both want to beat each other.” For the Russian Twist SandBell partner passes, both partners sit side-by-side in sit-up position. One person starts with the SandBell on the floor by their outside hip, twists their torso to pick up the SandBell and then passes it to their partner. The partner then twists their torso to their outside hip to touch the SandBell on the ground and then passes it back to their partner. To do the Balancing Tug-a-SandBell, partners will face each other, balance on one leg and each help hold the SandBell in the middle of them. Count down to 3 and then both people will start to pull the SandBell to make their partner fall off balance.

Russian Twist SandBell Partner Passes

Jordan Pratt: Never without a smile on her face, Jordan loves running and core-challenging workouts… as long as they involve laughing… at her partner! Her favorite workout is the “Partner Plank Tosses (one person in plank, one person is standing and throws the SandBell to their partner who’s in plank position and catches the SandBell with one hand and then throws it back to the standing partner). This exercise is fun and FUNNY, especially when you race against another pair to see who can do the most tosses in a certain period of time. The person that’s standing and tossing the SandBell always gets a good laugh (core activation, as well) because the face of the partner on the floor is always scrunched up, contorted and hilarious.”

Leigh Anne Floyd (Controller): Don’t let Leigh Anne’s cool, calm, and collected exterior fool you.  She is a fierce athlete who loves working out in groups. Leigh Anne is a huge fan of the new Stacked classes at Equinox gyms and finds the partner work pushes her to work harder. Her favorite partner workout is the “side shuffle with a SandBell pass.”

Just because you don’t have a sweetheart to faun over doesn’t mean you can’t get in a killer workout on Valentine’s Day. And for those of you that do, working out together will strengthen your bond and make you closer!  Stay tuned to the blog, as we will release our Master Trainers top exercises to do with a partner on Valentine’s Day.  And as always, make Your Move!

Andria Kern | CrossFit Level 1 Certified | SandBell Trainer

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