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SandBell Exercises Shown on Dr. Oz Show

Dr. OZ Show with SandBell Exercises

“As Seen on TV Weight Loss Products that Really Work”

Hyperwear SandBells are taking the nation by storm and if you haven’t hopped on the SandBell training wagon then you better get going. In our most impressive media coverage yet, the SandBell was featured as one of the products on Dr. Oz’s “Weight Loss Products that Really Work” segment. During the segment Dr. Oz’s fitness expert guests do several SandBell exercises, and discuss why the SandBell is a functional, effective and great fitness tool.

sandbell workout

Slick floor sliding exercise SandBell abs

On the Dr. Oz show, Ary Nunez, celebrity trainer and fitness expert, demonstrates how the SandBell can be used for gliding exercises, and then goes on to do a partner ab exercise with Dr. Oz!

We have been speaking for years about the SandBell’s universal application and usage, and during Dr. Oz’s segment, guests Clint Carter, Associate editor of Men’s Health magazine and Ary Nunez spoke of the benefits of the SandBell as a “live” free weight, how it can be used like traditional fitness equipment, its great usage as a functional training tool and how it’s inexpensive and easy to store.

For those that have purchased SandBells, we want to equip you with best training resources so that you can learn how to add SandBell training into your everyday fitness routine. Twice a month, we send out the Hyper Training Lab newsletter that features new SandBell circuit videos, training tips and coaching cues by fitness experts and Hyperwear Master Trainers. Take a look at several of the recent Hyper Training Lab videos to see various SandBell training circuits that target different muscle groups, training topics, athletes and sports.

Hyper Training Lab SandBell Videos


Hyper Training Lab videos cover everything from SandBell circuits on lunges, push-ups, planks and gliding exercises and much more. We also offer three training DVDs–SandBell Elements of Training, SandBell SLAM and SandBell Total Body Blast so you can build up your SandBell exercise library and train with Hyperwear in your home!

SandBell exercises

Click to buy SandBell Elements of Training!


The SandBell Elements of Training DVD is a the foundation for your SandBell training. This DVD provides and extensive list of SandBell exercises and circuits so you can see unique SandBell exercises, as well as how the SandBell can be used exactly like a medicine ball, kettlebell, dumbbell or gliding disk.










SandBell workout on Dr. OZ Show

Click to buy SandBell SLAM!


Patrick Goudeau’s SandBell SLAM is one of the most intense at home workouts you will ever do. His video will teach you how to toss, swing, glide, twist and SLAM the SandBell, while giving you a KILLER total body workout!










SandBell workout on Dr. OZ Show

Buy SandBell Total Body Blast!

Brook Benten’s SandBell Total Body Blast DVD is the motivation you need to get you moving, laughing and having fun with fitness again! Brook’s DVD will take you through various movements like swings, glides and slams that will tone your body from head to toe. All the exercises have a cardio focus that will get your heart rate pumping and muscles burning. Brook’s full-body strength workout also features a 6-minute ab section that will fire up your core to get those abs ripped!







In addition to the DVD’s, the Hyperwear YouTube channel hosts the Hyper Training Lab videos as well as exercise videos from expert personal trainers that love and use the SandBells. Bill Sonnemaker of Catalyst Fitness has provided us with some great training videos on gliding lunges, rainbow slams and SandBell agility exercises.

To expand your SandBell exercise library sign up to receive our free Hyper Training Lab newsletter and we’ll start sending you SandBell training videos twice a month! We also encourage you to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you can receive updates on special sales, news and more Hyper Training tips and videos!

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