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SandBell Weight Loss Product that Works Dr. Oz Show

SandBell Weight Loss Product on Episode “Hungry Girls Carb Diet”

Hyperwear® SandBell is Ultimate Calorie Burning Sandbag Workout

sandbell weight loss productIn what is the most exciting media coverage of Hyperwear’s gear to date, the SandBell was seen in a “Weight Loss Products that Really Work” segment on the Dr. Oz show May 9, 2012.  While we have had some local news TV features of the SandBell and Hyper Vest weight vest before, nothing comes close to being on the most watched health and wellness show. If you have not seen the show, it filled in most of the time slots vacated by the Oprah Winfrey Show and is produced by Harpo Productions. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Oz’ guest Clint Carter, Associate editor, Men’s Health magazine, talked about the benefits of the SandBell as a “live” free weight that can be compared to a medicine ball, dumbbell or kettlebell, but has shifting sand and an active grip that engages more muscles for a better calorie burn. He also mentioned the ease of storage at home and its reasonable cost. Guest celebrity trainer and fitness expert Ary Nunez demonstrated some of the exercises you can do with the SandBell including abdominal slides on a slick floor. Ary is an internationally renowned fitness expert, Nike sponsored athlete and owner of Gotham Global Fitness, LLC. – a company founded on the principles of Eastern and Western Philosophies of training.

According to Wikipedia, it was no easy feat to have a product selected:

“Unlike most of television, The Dr. Oz Show has a full-time in-house medical unit made up of top notch medical researchers, medical producers and physicians. The medical unit works daily with Dr. Oz and producers in developing, writing and producing show segments that are factual, and in the best interest of viewers. The medical unit also individually evaluates and approves all products that appear on the show. The medical unit reportedly receives over 200 unsolicited product pitches every month. Most do not pass the medical unit’s top secret rigorous screening process.”


In fact it was a few weeks from the time we submitted the samples until we heard confirmation. (Our thanks to Louis Stack at Fitter First for submitting the SandBell for consideration.)

sandbell weight loss product that really worksYou know you have made an impact on healthy lifestyles when you have a long string of success in having your gear picked to be featured in major magazines and television. It started with Men’s Health Magazine calling the Hyper Vest PRO the “best weight vest we’ve found” in 2009. Since then the Hyper Vest , SandBell and SteelBell have been featured in media including Women’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, Real Simple, and the New York Times. Even other countries have picked them up with their limited distribution, such as Men’s Health and Marie Claire in Australia. We are grateful for the attention and accolades, but most grateful to our loyal customers.

More important than media has been the actual benefits we are seeing the simple SandBell have on fitness and health – starting with kids and physical education in K-12 schools. It is exciting to see the SandBell enable the fun and safe introduction of free weights into PE curriculum. The obesity crisis has it roots in changes in childhood habits and lifestyle, and it is great to be a key part of working to change the path we are on.

Even though grownups and kids alike say how much fun it is using Hyperwear gear, not for one-minute do we want them forget that our innovative gear is based on real science. Weight vest training studies show increases in speed and endurance, pre-cooling is proven to improve performance, and a study is currently in progress to compare the “active” resistance of our lively SandBell and SteelBell to the “static” resistance of dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.

Simple. Powerful. Gear.™ is not just a tagline for us. Simplicity can be deceiving. You don’t have to get complicated to get stronger, faster and healthier. Hyperwear is proof the simplest tools can have powerful results. We appreciate the media attention when it comes our way so we can continue to get that message across. Thank you Dr. Oz, Clint Carter, and Ary Nunez.