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SandBell Core Exercises

It’s the last Thursday of April and what better way to celebrate the coming of May than with SandBell exercises for K-12 P.E. classes! The following SandBell core exercises are shown in the video with key coaching cues. Add these exercises into games, relays, challenges, you name it! Try them out and get your kids moving!

Exercise #1: Scrub the Floor

Scrub the Floor Video

Click Image to Watch Scrub the Floor Video

Set-up: This exercise must be done on a smooth/slick floor so that the SandBell glides as it is pushed and pulled smoothly across the surface. Give each child a SandBell, preferably a 2 lb., 4 lb., or 6 lb. Using a light weight is ideal so the SandBell glides across the floor. If children have knee problems, pains, etc. give them a smooth surface or object to put under their knees.


1. Begin in a kneeling position with palms on the floor and SandBell in-between hands.

-Put smooth surface or object underneath knees if child has knee pains.

-To prevent lower back injury keep the spine straight and tight without curving, arching or over-rotating

-When kneeling on the floor, keep knees bent so feet are up off the floor—don’t let toes touch the floor

2. Put both hands on the SandBell and begin scrubbing back and forth.

-Keep core tight and engaged and don’t arch, rotate or curve the back

-Focus on using core and arm muscles to “scrub” the SandBell back and forth across the floor

3. Try scrubbing using only one hand (put the other hand behind the back or on floor for balance).

-When using one hand, keep the weight in the free hand light so it acts as a balance and not a prop for the body

Exercise #2: Plank Touch Your Toes

Plank Touch Your Toes Video

Click Image to Watch Plank Video

Set-up: Give child one SandBell that’s the appropriate weight for their age, size and fitness level.


1. Start in the plank (push-up) position with the SandBell between hands on the floor.

-Keep the back flat with core engaged and tight

-Be sure bottom’s stay tucked in and not sticking up in the air

-Hands, shoulders and head should all be in a straight line—head and shoulders should not move past the hands/wrists

2. Grip the SandBell with your right hand and reach underneath your body to touch left toe.

-Keep core engaged when reaching back to touch toes

3. Return to center and repeat with the opposite hand touching the opposite toe.

-Return to center and back to plank position, then switch SandBells in hand and reach back to opposite foot

Both exercises are fun ways to get kids “working out” without realizing they’re doing so! Make these exercises a challenge to see how many they can do in 30 seconds, or who can complete the most with the best form. Get creative and to make exercising fun!


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